May 17, 2022

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The primary average rent increase reached 0.8% in 2021

The primary average rent increase reached 0.8% in 2021

The Administrative Housing Tribunal (TAL) on Wednesday announced that the primary average rent increase for an unheated unit will reach 0.8% by 2021.

For a home at $ 800, in the fictitious calculation scenario, the average increase would reach $ 6 per month, but these calculations do not take into account, in particular, the tax increase or the employer who may undertake the major work.

For heated dwellings, the average increase for units equipped with electric heaters is 0.5%. On the other hand, a reduction in rent rented by gas (-0.3%) and oil (-3.0%) is possible, bringing the example to $ 800 per month rent of $ 800. $ And at 6 776 respectively.

Quebec tenants are not entitled to a contract with their landlord and have the right to refuse and their file can then be submitted to TAL within one month of the landlord’s response.

Among the rental components that determine rent, TAL uses Statistics Canada statistics for the year 2020, which were released on Wednesday. Components such as electricity (-0.3%), gas (-11.3%) as well as fuel oil and other energy sources (-21.6%) fell, but we are talking about growth in operating costs (+ 1.4%), service costs (+ 1.9%), Operating expenses (+ 1.2%), net income (0.6%) and costs stabilization (+ 2.3%). However, these applicable percentages are not average estimates of growth, but dictate TAL.

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