July 6, 2022

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“Very happy old man”: “Greta” uses Trump words to greet her departure

"Very happy old man": "Greta" uses Trump words to greet her departure

“Very happy old man”: Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg on Wednesday hailed Donald Trump’s departure from the US presidency in his own words, with the president speaking out against him in 2019.

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“He looks like a very happy old man, he’s looking for a bright and glorious future. It’s so beautiful to see!”

In September 2019, Donald Trump wrote the same mocking tweet to Greta Thnberg, who was infamous on climate issues and regularly mocked a young activist.

He responded to the young woman’s speech at the UN Climate Summit in New York, where she challenged Sweden’s world leaders in a passionate speech, accusing her of “stealing her dreams and her childhood.”, With a sore throat and tears.

In response to Donald Trump’s tweet, Greta Thunberg revised her Twitter biography, taking the White House tenant’s almost vocabulary: “The happiest young woman is eager to find a bright and wonderful future.”

In November, after the presidential election, one of her tweets to those the activist had already sent came back mocking her.

“It simply came to our notice then. Donald must work to control his anger, and go see a good old movie with a friend! Donald Relax, Relax! “, She wrote a letter to the outgoing president challenging the counting of votes, diverting the message that Donald Trump has been dating her since the end of 2019.