May 21, 2022

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Will Mellal thwart the shareholders’ attack?

Will Mellal thwart the shareholders' attack?

A statement granted by Malik Azlef to Barbary TV, another media outlet that aired roughly, raised suspicion on Cables yesterday. We had to make dozens of calls and had to wait until 9pm to get accurate information and understand the flaws of this case.

The following statements from Malik Azlef and Azzaddin Mellal clearly illustrate the shareholders’ plan to remove Charif Mellol under the terms of Art, so look into the future, especially over the next two weeks. The Janets announced that they were concerned about the city. True, the shareholders, CSA, Azlef and Azzaddin Mellal at their head, are determined to end Charif Mellal from mid-February. According to Azzaddin Mellal, the current CA refuses to sign the integration report of Zafar at Mouloud because they turn on themselves because they have less than 20% stake in CA, which is prohibited by law. “The board will be dissolved because it only has a 3% stake, so Mellal is not the chairman of anything,” our interlocutor told us. What this shareholder is saying is 100% true, but the ownership led by President Mellal sees it differently. According to the club’s lawyer, Djaéfar At Mouloud can not join the CA without permission and only with a receipt for filing a file, which is also true. As a result and in all cases, Mellal is in a sensitive situation because in both cases he faces impeachment. If he allows the CSA president to join the board to legalize more than 20% of the shares, Djaéfar At Mouloud may remove him in his capacity as a representative of the majority shareholders. If he continues to obstruct the unification of Djafar at Mouloud, he will become the chairman of an illegal board, which will sooner or later be abolished. Mellal asks for a refund of the money spent on the shares so that the turnover reaches 20%, but the process is long and complicated and for it to be successful, it needs to go through the shareholders council. Either way, things are picking up speed at JSK. It is too early to tell who will win this showdown, but what we can say is that Mellal is under more pressure than ever and the question everyone is asking is: will he prevent this revolt of shareholders?

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Mellal: “I’m still in the office”

Responding to Azlef’s announcements on Berbere Television, President Mellal confirmed on the club’s website: “After announcing a single-vote shareholder on the board of directors, management is still in place, with management not having its board of directors. We are working calmly, it is unfortunate that in 48 hours of an important game he is attacking the management and the team, ”he said.

“Players are worried”

Although Mellal said he would work calmly, he made it clear that the players were upset. “Players are suffering from this rumor. They are not guaranteed. These guys attacked the team the day before the last game and they did it again today. This is unfortunate, I condemn all those who affect the stability of the club. I will be back to these activities soon and I will explain what they want to do and what they are interested in, ”Mellal said.

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