May 18, 2022

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Funny Veronica | All dressed up comedy, extra Veronica Desire

Funny Veronica |  All dressed up comedy, extra Veronica Desire

There’s a lot of stock in the new comedy Funny Veronica At TVA: Sketches, parodies, real songs, invented songs, false advertisements and parodies. All are served in a few minute portions and delivered quickly.

Hugo DumasHugo Dumas

Only the talented star of this novel, Veronica Desire, will depart on Wednesday, January 27 at 9:30 p.m. Beautiful inconveniences 2.0.

No doubt, Funny Veronica Anchored in humor and tone SNL Or Like-Moi! And like these quilting productions, it is often uneven. For a great flash, there is always a less interesting section. There is no escaping it.

Photo provided by Wyatt

Veronica Desire, star Funny Veronica, New from TVA, it will depart on Wednesday 27th January at 9:30 pm.

The first episode of Funny Veronica Opens with a lot of thought SNL, Or “the girl who doesn’t know she’s hurting everyone”. This inadequate and awkward character played by Veronica Desire returns at various times, throughout the show.

Then we go with the pastic‌ of a country music video, Lone glass, Very average. It’s with the simulation of the show Discovery What Funny Veronica Reveals its potential. Camp Charles Tisser, by Eric Bernier, showcases artists who have to rediscover themselves during a pandemic, including Isabelle Boule, who became the leader of Bisa, and Sarah-Jean Labrosse, now the face of the gas pump. It works.

Photo provided by Wyatt

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

Many actors around the project have surrounded Veronica Desire, including Eric Bernier, Catherine Chabot, Josie Deschens, Benoit Maffet, Gabriel Cote, the English Major and Sharon Ibguy. For life.

The vignette of Crepe Gladys Darisse (Veronica Desire), Quebec’s most obscene real estate broker, has been a success. Then, Funny Veronica Attacks Rooms in town, Name changed Rooms in rural areas, In the style of “low budget” Zombadouppiff Of Affiliates. Reference Rooms in town The only person who has already succeeded to date and his imitation is clearly Veronica Desire, perfect as Lola, who brought this character into the world of Anne Dorwall 30 years ago.

Which works worse Funny Veronica ? The songs are half imitated, without costumes or makeup. Between the two sketches, Veronica Desire in black and white, the essence of real songs Provocative, Marjo, Sneak, Or by Charlotte Cardin Whose daughter, By Hubert Lenoir. The voice is right, but these interruptions break the rhythm of the comedy show.

In the second episode, the best moment comes with auditions to find a new host Love is in the grass. Eric Bernier stands as Serge Denoncourt and Simon Bouleris. This is amazing. Once again, horticulturist Martతే Laverdeier and actress Louis Lauteurs praised Veronica Desire for imitating her perfectly.

There were no shows that mocked popular culture (TV, radio, web, music), RBO dominated at the time. Funny Veronica It is possible to fill this void by reducing its content and focusing more on contemporary issues. For example, sketch deja vu on Melania Trump at the White House, in particular Farewell.

And the like Funny Veronica Going on at 9:30 pm, we can dare to do more corrosive cheating. Mary-Andre Lab (Too much) Funny Veronica, In collaboration with Veronica Desire and Josie Fortier. I was curious to see the rest.

Not a funny offense

Many of you have responded that you have dealt lightly and carelessly with Bruno Gagne (Michelle Charrett), Paupou (Sebastian Delorm) and Patrick Bissonnet (Vincent-Guiloum Otis). Monday episode of District 31.

I agree that I have experienced a similar inconvenience, without turning all of this into a national scandal. Quick case: A man shows off his toe at a police station. His wife cut him with a secateurs (chch) while he slept.

Detective Sergeant Noley (Catherine Saint-Laurent) takes the complainant’s statement, and the “boys” laugh back. Then, when the finger cutter, unrepentantly, empties Bruno Gagne’s bag, the same childish reaction: Bissonet’s uncontrollable laughter. Hello friends! We’re talking about serious crime here, aren’t we? Sweet Jesus, pull yourself together.

In response, the case of Patroller Nestle Bonnet (Carl Walcott), who suffered from post-traumatic shock, opened a very interesting window on the mental health of police officers. Commander Daniel Chiasson (Guilder Roy) placed his antidepressant pots on his desk, wrote a scene that spoke of his own weaknesses and acted with beautiful sensitivity.

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