May 23, 2022

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Redemption of PK Subban

Redemption of PK Subban

The New Jersey Devils were transformed at the start of the season. Three games later the American team had not yet lost control time.

Last season, the Devils finished 14th in the Eastern Conference when operations were halted due to the epidemic.

This season, the New Jersey team is surprising. Lindy Ruff’s men are currently third in the Eastern division with a 2-0-1 record.

If the performances of the Devils are surprising, so is PK Subban. The former CH defender found his bearings.

“Last year was not his best season. But he was involved in this effort, he’s been in the league for years, he knows what to do to perform,” Alain Nasredin said in an interview with GIC.

In 2019-2020, Subban had the worst season of his career, amassing a difference of 18 points and -21.

But this year, it looks like the PK of good days is back. The flamboyant defender averaged just one point in three games, but averaged over 26 minutes 49 seconds.

And the reason is simple, according to Nasreddin, an associate coach with the Devils: “From the start of the season, he kept his game simple.”

Jack Hughes s’illustre

The first choice in the 2019 auction, Jack Hughes campaigned to live up to expectations.

But this season the American has been shining on the ice with six points and three games.

“Last year, he was 18 years old. He was playing at 165 pounds and he is now 178 years old. I think it makes a big difference, ”said Nasreddine, who has always argued for patience with Hughes.

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“He was successful from the first game. We gave him more playing time and now his confidence is at a very high level.”

Watch Alain Nasreddin interview with GC in the video above.