May 23, 2022

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United States, “incomplete” country

United States, "incomplete" country

A sentence recognized me yesterday and This is not the new president Nor was his shadow ancestor. Instead, it comes from Amanda Gorman, a young African-American poet who spoke after Joe Biden.

“In a way, we stopped it and saw a country that was broken, unfinished.”

There is a great lesson here on the meaning of political action, which must extend beyond American borders.

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Organized conflict

In the polar climate found in the United States, but not only there, we often yearn for the pure and simple disappearance of our adversaries.

Their coming to power is prophesied to be a scene of irreversible decline. We want to silence them and make their speech disappear, which is only the result of ignorance and very shy feelings.

However, it is not politics. It is not the absolute and ultimate victory of one side that harms the other. While their dissent is their only offense, it is not seeking imprisonment or silence of its opponents.

It is a place where our conflicts can continue without becoming an armed struggle.

Heart and work

America is neither good nor worse because Donald Trump is its president. They are neither good nor worse because Joe Biden is better.

A nation is in its culture, in its economy, in its schools, in its hearts, and in the work of the millions of women and men who make it, and it takes more than the usual change of government to change it.

This is what Joe Biden acknowledged, did not promise the moon, but coldly acknowledged the challenges facing America at the outset of his mission. The first of these is division.

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A country can retreat. She can trip. However, building it is a never-ending task.