May 19, 2022

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“I control what I can control” – Alex Belgile

"I control what I can control" - Alex Belgile

At the very least, the attitude of forward Alex Belgile is impeccable.

After tasting the National Hockey League (NHL) with the Montreal Canadians this summer, the 29-year-old Cuban returned to the American Hockey League (AHL) with Laval Rocket.

Watch Belgile’s press briefing in the video above.

“These are things I have no control over,” he said with a smile on Friday after the first training session of the CH Club-School camp. Asons towels are really long and can happen a lot, especially during a similar season. It’s clichచ్, but I only control what I can control. That doesn’t make me the worst hockey player. ”

Belgium, who were invited to a Canadian training camp in early January, were not kept in line with the NHL players. Hobbs also recruited players such as Kobe Perry and Michael Frolick, who appeared to have fallen behind in the Belgian squad Peking order.

A native of Saint-Eloi, however, these appointments do not seem problematic to him.

“On the contrary, the good teams in the National League have a lot of depth. I think it helps everyone,” he said.

In the reserve team?

Bell Rizal also said he would see to it that CH was not called back to the reserve squad, although that meant he could not play a game.

“I am not a difficult person, I will go where I am asked to go. Right now I am with Rocket‌ and I try to keep good conditioning and good tempo every time I come on ice.

“I keep a positive attitude and now it is a great privilege for us to play hockey,” he concluded with maturity.

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Press briefing by Javier Ovalet