July 7, 2022

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Injuries to Joel Armia and Paul Byron | Complex ballot of replacement

Injuries to Joel Armia and Paul Byron |  Complex ballot of replacement

This is inevitable. In the end it only took five games.

Simon-Oliver LorenzSimon-Oliver Lorenz

Joel Armia concussion, paired with a foot injury suffered by Paul Byron after receiving a puck shot by Shia Weber, opens the complex ballet of the process of remembering players who have already been replaced.

The pay of Canadians is very high, very close to the maximum, there is not much money available to replace an injured player. Right now there is enough space to remember the skater – be it Michael Frolick or Corey Perry, who trained with the main team on Friday and each will win 50,000 750,000.

To remember both, Byron or Army’s name has to be placed on a long-term injury list, which is a complicated process that allows teams to free themselves from a portion of the injured players’ salaries. However, this option also brings its inconvenience, as a badly shaped player is required to attend 10 matches or 24 days.

Canadians head coach Claude Julian could not give an update on Friday about the health of his two players. It is already certain that the Army will miss some meetings. As for Byron, we will know if he can play this Saturday.

If they are both on the active list, the good news is that minor absentees will be left behind – probably nothing to Byron. The bad thing is, there is no other alternative to hobs. Permi, a right-handed man with a profile similar to Armia, is undoubtedly lucky.

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If Byron loses some action, say a game or two, it is no exception that Victor Meat will make his first games of the season as a striker or with seven defenders. Management is the only reserve minor player placed in the main group.

Of course, even if only Armia had to stay away, we could also fit the arrangement of the meet and leave Perry on the emergency team to save money.

When asked about these different scenarios, Claude Julian stressed that this was an “ot horrible” situation and that he was “going to cross the river when he reached the bridge”. On the other hand, he did not rule out the idea. “We’ll see if we get to this point [samedi] “, He added.

And that’s the beginning, ladies and gentlemen. It should be noted that in training on Friday, Perry replaced Armia and Frolick, Byron.

No suspension

This gymnastics is said to refer to the concussion experienced by Armia. In this regard, the NHL Player Safety Department ruled on Friday that Tyler Myers was not eligible for suspension after bodyheating that injured Finn. So he will be in his position this Saturday for the third and final encounter in a short series between the Canadian and the Vancouver Canucks.

In one video, the league explained that after seeing the footage from all possible angles, it was confirmed to be a “body check” and therefore legal, but the result was “dissatisfaction”.

In fact it was the torso of the Army, and not her head, which received much shock and predicted that the Myers attack angle would have come close to the so-called legal check.

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When asked to comment on the verdict, Claude Julian insisted that he was preparing his team to win a match [samedi] “We are moving forward and we are doing what we have to do,” he said.

Forward Tomas Tatar has a little more doubt about the value of the NHL Player Safety Department decision.

I do not believe Joel saw it [Myers] Come and have clear contact with his head. I imagine the league made the right decision, but I believe Joel will be back in the game soon.

Thomas Tatar

Whoever is in the Perry, Frolick or Meat lineup, the next generation is ready, the head coach assured. Most importantly, Perry and Frolick, two veterans assigned to the Emergency Squad after the training camp, have so far been an “incredible example” to young people, especially in terms of “work ethic”. “We know they will enter training sooner or later, they will be careful enough to be ready,” Julian said.

Although the meeting is taking place on the West Coast, it begins exceptionally well at 7pm Montreal time. The Canadian and Canucks have won the first two clashes between the two clubs this week. The locals first won 6-5 in a shootout on Wednesday. The next day, the Montreallers won easily 7-3.

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