June 7, 2023

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SAQ | No alcohol sales online for 8 days

SAQ |  No alcohol sales online for 8 days

Consumers of the Society des Alcoles du Quebec (SAQ) will not be able to buy their wine and spirits online from January 26 to Tuesday, February 2.

Isabelle DubeyIsabelle Dubey

The Crown Corporation must undertake a major upgrade of its technical infrastructure. Once this is done, customers will finally be able to access the longer list and see the number of products offered in real time. The shops are open.

With the asteroid growth in online sales since March, SAQ is urgently needed to improve the efficiency of its order processing and increase the technical efficiency of the organization’s overall system. Although the digital transformation had had its bearing on its 2021-2023 strategic plan, he explained in a telephone interview that “the system supporting the weight of requests is not up to date” Tap Crown Corporation spokesman Ann Longlis Plante.

The epidemic and control have caused many consumers to migrate to online shopping, which can avoid queues among other things. To meet this unexpected demand, the number of shifts in the warehouses serving SAQ.com has also increased from one to three, operating 24 hours a day. Online sales increased by 130% in November and December.

Increase efficiency and security

Longlice Plante said the eight-day update had nothing to do with the hacking attempt last May. SAQ has been working for over a week, first, to complete responding to orders before changing its system.

Second, because the new transaction site will be effective as soon as it reopens and wants to take the time to do all the necessary testing to strengthen security. “We are not immune from disruptions that lead to additional delays, but we are [ne doute pas] To return to normal on February 3, ”said Anne Longis Plante.

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More products and stocks online

Currently, just over 20% of SAQ’s products are offered online. More specifically, the SAQ.com site offers 3,000 products out of a total of 14,000 that travel through the network each year. For comparison, there are approximately 5,000 products in select stores.

“Ultimately, we want all products to be available online, but it will not happen overnight. We also targeted a 24 hour delivery time. ”

The new system addresses some of the annoying causes of products advertised for sale, but not in stock for online orders. SAQ ensures that there will be increased stocks and that consumers will be able to monitor the number of products they can get in real time.

Some discounts are in store only

Readers have told us that they are unhappy that SAQ-Dépôt’s 15% discount on the purchase of 12 bottles is not available online, only in the store. “This is another example of a volatile government message, such as advocating for online shopping and imposing health measures on businesses,” Ranger wrote to us. This problem will not be solved, the discounts will not be uniform, because it is a marketing strategy.

“According to [enseignes], There are different promotions, explained the spokesperson. For example, “Inspire points 10 times over Origin Quebec products” Some weekends do not apply [enseignes] SAQ Dépôt, but at the branch and online. Our mission is diverse, but above all personalized offers for our customers ”.