May 30, 2023

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ES Sétif increases its dominance

ES Sétif increases its dominance

The leader of the Ligue 1 football championship, ES Setif, who won Constantine (1-0), extended his lead over his immediate pursuers to four lengths, hung by AS Ein Milea at the MC Algiers home (3-3), the 9th day of the WA Tlemcen competition Surprisingly, USM defeated Bell-Abbes (3-2).

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“2020-2021” was the most productive day in goals (24), including six (6) penalties since the start of the season, with four distance wins, bringing a total of 23 wins off the field, including five to the championship leader, ES Satif.

CS Constantine, who was defeated by MC Algiers last weekend, led the crisis with a valuable victory in 9 days on the 7th, thanks to his striker Kendousi (17th), shortly after the departure of his coach Abdelcader Amrani.

As for the CSC, he dropped to 16th place with just 7 units on the clock and went to hell.

The main beneficiaries of the Setifians of the day, their neighbors did not underestimate the valuable service rendered by ASAM, which forced MC Algiers to share points at the July 5 Stadium (Algiers). O. Millis were unbeaten in the final home defeat before the media (1-3), allowing Jazabout to take the lead (16-1) just 16 minutes after Adele’s hat-trick. (3rd, 9th, 16th), which brings the total to 5 goals in the scorer’s standings.

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Hachoud’s team-mates, who took the throat, had to wait for a 2nd period to save the furniture and were eventually leveled by Abdelhafid (84th), thus avoiding their first defeat of the season.

Algerian champion CR Belouizdad lived up to his prestige by winning in Religene (1-0), thanks to Droui (24th) remaining in the lead group (4th-15th points), but two games late CSC and O. Media.

The latter happily continued his hike, recording his fifth consecutive victory on Friday, this time at the expense of the US Biscara. The golden goal from Kemoukh (his 4th personal goal) now puts “Titteri” on the podium (3rd-16 points), thus eliminating its poor start to the season.

JS Kabili overcame his administrative crisis by overcoming a strong team from JS Saura (2-1).

Baunoua’s teammates of the second goal (72nd), finding themselves temporarily in 4th place (15 points), were suddenly expelled, and that day their opponents finished 8th (14 points).

Koudri (29th) scored his 5th individual goal of the match as USM Algiers won the 4th game in a row, this time at CABB Arridge (1-0).

“Rose at Noir” is now in 8th place with 14 points, regaining their composure after a difficult start. For CABBA, the weeks went by and it looked the same, 9 days later (20-2 points) without a win, remaining the only team in Ligue 1.

The two derby from western Algeria kept all their promises. In Oran, after a penalty by Mellal (90th + 1), before ASO Cleve, MCO Hamravas waited for extra time to achieve a three-point victory, leaving MCA and CRB unbeaten in 9 days. WA Tlemcen finally had their first win of the season at the USM Bell-Abbes ground. The point, which was a draw, was surprised by a goal given by Benachore at the last minute.

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Paradox AC had no trouble beating JSM Skikda (3-0) on a weed from Jorgon. Skiddies that cause harm outside their bases continue to learn in the upper classes.

Finally, NIH Day failed to beat NC Magra in Algiers, standing (1-1). The arrival of the club’s baby Bilal Diziri at the technical bar did not give the long-awaited “psychological click”. Worse, the Nahdists had to wait for the 78th place to equalize the score by Betrouni, thus escaping a new defeat at home.