December 1, 2023

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Julie Payet: Another failure signed by Justin

Julie Payet: Another failure signed by Justin

Around the astronaut, there are big problems of the weather.

Were you surprised? I do not know.

The first responsible for this failure is our beautiful Justin.

He and he were the only ones to appoint Julie Payet as Governor-General, which costs $ 45 million a year.

They have

Justin Trudeau made the appointment.

His only criterion is film: a woman, and whose trajectory evokes adventure and science.

At first glance, an attractive choice.

The advisory committee formed by Justin Stephen Harper was not used to advise on this type of appointment.

When Justin decides for himself, it takes.

He did not care that Payet was attacked in America in 2011.

He ignored the fact that she left the Science Center in 2016 after employee complaints.

The same thing happened when she left the Canadian Olympic Committee.

The course of drawing a portrait of the Lady, did you not think?

But no, the unknown Justin, could not resist the charm of the film.

When the Liberals were in power, this representative position of the British monarchy caused a “systemic” problem, as they say these days.

Remember Michael Jean, who was named Paul Martin.

He never looked beyond the picture.

Michael Jean is a woman, relatively young, and from a “visible minority”.

She is the true personality of Post Modern and “Full Cool” Canada.

His qualifications? Being an honest career journalist is neither better nor worse than others.

She turned out to be a real parasite.

The parasite settles in another organism, where it benefits from stable habitats and food collected by the host.

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When its location becomes uncomfortable, the parasite finds a new host.

After being undesirable here, Mrs. Jean went on to parasitize the international francophony.

Apparently, the British monarchy had relays in every province.

Remember, this earned us Liz Thibault, who committed fraud in 2015.

All these are wonderful cases of trees hiding in the forest, because the real question is broad.

They say that this organization is a remnant of our colonial past. It’s a little short.

If this continues, if Elizabeth II is still the head of state of Canada, it is because we are still in some colony.

On my hand

Few people know that Canada This organization may be arbitrarily terminated and this absurd link may be disassembled.

As attorney Andre Binet has shown, Quebec may seek a Canadian constitutional amendment to abolish the monarchy in Canada, which would trigger the obligation to negotiate.

In theory, you do not have to become a sovereign in Quebec to get rid of it.

All polls show that a large percentage of Quebeckers want the company to disappear.

But it goes on and on. Why ess back.

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