March 30, 2023

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Thanks to this bracelet connected, you can let your employer know your mood

bracelet connecté

Many of us want to tell our boss his four truths, or, more accurately, let him know about our discomfort at work. If you’re the shy type and don’t like to shout your emotions out loud, this connected bracelet will save the day.

Employees experience more stress due to Kovid-19

The coronavirus epidemic has severely affected businesses around the world, both managers and their employees. Kovid-19 Many employees are stressed out for fear of losing their job or because they feel lonely due to accidents or televerking when they go to their place of work.

With this epidemic, business leaders, managers and human resource managers are less likely to know where the employees ’courage lies, which can be problematic for the organization’s survival. Fortunately, this connect bracelet by a mother has great benefits not only on personal but also on a professional level.

Connect bracelet that links directly to company managers

This famous Connect bracelet ” Moodbeam“. Christina Colmer McHugh, a mother, wanted to know what her daughter was like when she came home from school. You understand this: this bracelet is used to share your emotions.

This bracelet is made of silicone and has two buttons in yellow and blue. For business use, this bracelet is connected to an app installed on the company manager’s smartphone and allows him to know the mood of his employees throughout the week. If they press the yellow button, it means they feel good, but if they press the blue button, something is wrong.

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Priori confidential and protected data

However, this moodbeam is made not only for professional but also for personal use. He can effectively monitor sleep, count the number of actions taken during the day, or configure alerts to take a day off or share his mood.

In business, the data collected through this connected bracelet is anonymous, allowing managers to help those who are vulnerable to their employees and prevent them from becoming depressed or working in bad conditions.

However, The data collected is confidential And a third party cannot share or use them.