June 26, 2022

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This connected bracelet allows a company to assess the morale of its employees

Ce petit bracelet peut aussi être utilisé en famille avec des enfants ou des personnes âgées. © Moodbeam

Plague forces, employees are under more pressure, and this bracelet allows a boss to assess the courage of his troops. Moodbeam bracelets, originally designed for children or the elderly, are also used in business.

Because the courage of employees with a crisis is not the best Kovid-19, The result of the fear of losing one’s job, but also of the risk of going to the office or the feeling of being alone Telecommuting, A company decided to launch a bracelet that connects each employee with their employer.

At first glance, this is a simple bracelet Silicone, As we could see ten years ago, but there are two buttons above: yellow and blue. This bracelet is attached to a Application Installed on his smartphone and throughout the week the employee can indicate his or her highest “emotional state”. If he presses the yellow button, he is happy. If he presses the blue button, he is no better.

In business or at home

Smart ” Moodbeam This bracelet is not mandatory, and it was born from the mother of Christina Colmer McHugh, who wanted to be close to her daughter and find out how she was when she got home from school. The bracelet is also available for families. For companies, this is to know if there are possible recessions or reversals or when the employee is working in bad conditions. Too often, employees are reluctant to say anything …

This little bracelet also oversees Sleep, Counts the steps during the day and allows you to set alerts to give your mood, but also take a break during the day. In terms of the data collected, they are not anonymous to allow employers to assist employees who are suffering at work. But they are confidential and are not shared and exploited by third parties.