May 20, 2022

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Host Stephen DuPont entered politics

Host Stephen DuPont entered politics

After “20 years of criticism and winning” in his own words, radio host Stephen Dupont will seek to be elected councilor in the municipal elections to be held next November in the Lewis suburb of Quebec.

“It simply came to our notice then. If it was, I would have targeted a lot more steps. […] Also, it’s not part of my show, it’s really in my private life, ”the FM93’s morning host said in a video posted on his Facebook account.

He presents himself as a municipal councilor in the Pintender sector where he grew up.

“I have a lot of ideas. I want Pintendre to be the same as it once was. I’m going to work on it, apparently if I have the chance, “said someone who had been at the Energy Microphone until last December before switching to FM93.

In his video message Stephen DuPont, surrounded by his two sons, took the opportunity to encourage the population to get involved in politics.

“I also want to give you a taste of investing in your municipality, in your area, in politics. Maybe we really want to change things. They tell us to participate, and I will do the same. In the next few months, I will prepare for it and I cannot wait for the November 7 elections to come, ”he said.

On his Facebook page, Stephen Dupont said he would continue his job as a radio host if elected to a customer.

He said in a statement that his work should not be prevented from plunging into politics.

“I do not see why I should not apply because of my job; everyone who wants to be in politics can do so no matter what their main job,” he said.

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Stephen DuPont said Lewis Gilles had warned Lehoulier Mayor before announcing his decision publicly.

“We chatted together last week. It was important to me that he learn this candidacy from my mouth, but he gave it to me once in the past to get into politics. Gilles received the news very positively and I am very grateful to hear him and for his openness, ”he said.