July 6, 2022

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Justin without tomorrow | Quebec Journal

Justin without tomorrow |  Quebec Journal

Justin Trudeau is very proud to have appointed Julie Payet as Governor-General. It exploded in his face.

From this statement, the astronaut’s background was revealed. Arrested for assaulting her husband ten years ago; Part of the science center after creating a harmful environment; The subject of two investigations by the Canadian Olympic Committee into harassment of employees.

Before recommending the Queen to appoint Julie Payet, Justin Trudeau ignored the committee that was supposed to advise him on the matter. He’s going to turn dumplings into his unicorn at the age of 16 as McDonald’s manager.

Splashes of brightness

Justin Trudeau reigns in a flash. It has never been said that the best behavior one would expect from a person occupying a decorative function is discretion. It took a show.

It is his rule that will not exist tomorrow. Winning the day without thinking about where it will take him in a year or a month, maybe a week.

The same thing happened when he appeared before the press in December to announce that there had been some vaccine cases in Canada. “Trudeau lies to his opponents,” the Ottawa fauna was shocked.


A month later, Canada is still receiving its doses by drop. Only 2% of the population received the vaccine dose compared to 6% in the United States and Pfizer put us on the waiting list.

It was not announced when Justin revolted …

But he was happy, because he was the one who ruled. Giving presentations, praising minorities, giving lectures to the provinces, living as if there is no tomorrow. That, Justin likes.

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Planning, hiring the right people in the right places, vaccinating, monitoring our borders, he is not interested.