December 8, 2022

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Virus: Germany uses Trump-prescribed treatment

Virus: Germany uses Trump-prescribed treatment

Health Minister Jens Spann announced on Sunday that Germany would be the first country in the European Union to use the experimental antibody-based treatment provided to Donald Trump against Kovid-19 disease.

“The government bought 200,000 doses for 400 million euros,” Span told the newspaper Sunday movie, Which refers to 2,000 euros per dose.

This cocktail of “monoclonal” antibodies will be used in university hospitals next week, stressing that Germany is “the first country in the EU” in the fight against the epidemic.

Mr Spann did not quote the name of the manufacturer supplying the supply, but confirmed that it was the same treatment given to Mr Trump in early October. The next president of the United States was hospitalized with a coronavirus infection.

These synthetic antibodies “act like an inactivated vaccine,” Span said. “Maintaining these antibodies in the early stages of infection can help prevent a more severe course in high-risk patients.”

These antibodies mimic what the immune system does after a coronavirus infection, allowing it to attach and penetrate human cells by blocking the tip of the virus.

Mr Trump received treatment developed by the American laboratory Regeneran, a combination of two antibodies known as REGN-COV2, before being authorized by the United States Medicines Agency (FDA) in late November. The former president praised the treatment, saying he “cured” it.

The American company Eli Lilly has developed a similar treatment, authorized as of November 9th.

The orders came amid growing criticism in the EU that the vaccine campaign was slow.

Vaccine makers Pfizer / BioMtech and AstraZeneca have both announced smaller deliveries to Europe than expected in recent times due to production difficulties.

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The German government has indicated that it will be able to provide the vaccine to all Germans by the end of August.