May 23, 2022

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Agen. Raise awareness about cervical cancer screening

Agen.  Raise awareness about cervical cancer screening

On January 25, the European week for the prevention of cervical cancer began, an opportunity to remind the importance of regular monitoring, which today is neglected by almost 40% of women.

True, girls and non-boys can be vaccinated from the age of 11, with HPV (Human Papillomavirus) protecting themselves against future infections.

“Vaccines for boys have been refunded since January 1, 2021, which must be reported,” said Emeline Laviel, who said HPV causes cancer of the penis and the ENT sphere in boys. Only 25% of people of the age to be vaccinated are falling in France today, which is far from the purpose of the 60% coverage rate.

Finally, note that exceptions apply to certain categories of women. Women are planted; Exposure to distillation before birth; Or living with HIV have a weakened immune system, so they are at risk of developing cervical cancer. For the latter, smears should be done “very often (every year) and longer (after 65 years).

“90% of cervical cancers can be prevented if all women between the ages of 25 and 65 are tested regularly.” The CRCDC (Regional Center for the Coordination of New Aquitaine’s Cancer Screening) wants to be more widely publicized. Today, we stay away from the account, 40% of women do not search regularly for cervical infections, exposing themselves to cancer problems. In our segment, only 61.3% of women were tested.

Courier, smear

It’s very simple, and the letters sent by CRCDC to all women aged (between 25 and 65) are there to remind you. “Concretely, women receive a letter inviting them to visit their doctor, their gynecologist, or midwife, asking them to make an appointment for a cervical sample (a smear). Presence or absence of antiviral cells of the virus “, details -Meline Laviel, medical-technical assistant at the CRCDC’s regional site Lot-et-Garonnaise in Novel-Aquitaine

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Is negative in 96% of cases

Do not worry, in 96% of cases the tests return negative, and for the remaining 4%, very often, the infections begin and they are likely to disappear on their own. In addition, the analysis of the samples is fully reimbursed by Social Security. The whole goal of these prevention campaigns is to identify the cells before they become cancer cells, then we will talk about pre-cells. So monitoring should be regular. One should not wait to feel the symptoms as these infections are asymptomatic. Women between the ages of 25 and 30 should have pop smears every 3 years (two years later at 25 and 26, respectively). Then, visits are performed with smears once every 5 years for women between the ages of 30 and 35.

“But be careful not to stop everything after menopause as most women do,” warns Emeline Lavial.

You stop at menopause!

True, the diagnosis of cervical cancer is established at the age of 64 with the highest level of mortality. In France, 3,000 women are diagnosed with this cancer each year, and about 1,100 of them die from it.

It is for these reasons that the Novel-Aquitaine region has decided to invest in an extensive prevention campaign this year. Television spots are broadcast daily on France 3 Aquitaine and 450,000 letters are sent to women (approximately 44,000 in Lot-at-Gar‌n alone). In addition, awareness messages on the vaccine against papillomavirus infections are transmitted.