February 23, 2024

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“Much damage has already been done in oncology due to Kovid-19”

La campagne de dépistage du cancer du col de l'utérus va concerner les femmes de 25 à 65 ans en Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

“Screening for cervical cancer is fully compatible with the current pandemic, which is not related to very large measures”, January 25, France Blue Gironde Guest Denise Smith represents. As started European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, New Aquitaine Cancer Screening Coordination Center President confirms it “Screening is not deprogrammed”. “Campaigns are being prepared a few years ago. We postponed our startups, but there has already been a lot of damage in oncology due to Kovid-19.”, He laments. Screening campaign Launched for women aged 25 to 65 in the area.

Because there is a need. Since the outbreak, Mammograms were reduced by 20 to 30%. “Fear that the slowdown will pollute, but above all the clutter of waiting rooms and technical facilities.”, Explains Denise Smith. “This is not justified at all! Kovid-19 mobilizes specialized health personnel in specialized rooms, and today everything is maintained to provide care to cancer patients and those willing to submit to screening.”

Easily detectable cancer

“I believe these tests that have not been done have been postponed.”, Continues as President of the New Aquitaine Cancer Screening Coordination Center. “These fluctuations in activity make patients lose opportunities. Every day we see people coming in with more advanced illnesses.” Hence the solution that needs to be tested frequently “Early detection of pre-cancerous lesions or cancers”, He explains. “They can be cured with less toxic care than regular treatments.”

An oncologist at Bordeaux University Hospital also recalled it Female cancers are very easy to detect. “This is a pattern of cancer, it can be prevented”, Says Denise Smith. “We focus our screening on 40% of women who have not yet submitted to smear. They sometimes find themselves in patients and risk groups who are having difficulty getting care.” He finally mentioned its importanceVaccination of children between 11 and 14 years of age Against papillomavirus, “Vaccine practiced by 25% of young women”.

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