May 25, 2022

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Passenger Services | Bill that plugs a violation that is blocked in the Commons

Passenger Services |  Bill that plugs a violation that is blocked in the Commons

The Trudeau government has failed to reach a consensus on a bill to close a loophole that would allow travelers who choose to vacation in the sun during the holidays to claim for the Canada Sickness Benefit for the Economy. Recovery during their 14-day detention (PCMRE).

Joel-Denis BellavensJoel-Denis Bellavens

Leader of the House Pablo Rodriguez, the leader of the House of Representatives, is hopeful that the law will be amended in a matter of minutes to correct this violation, which has angered many Canadians who adhere to federal government guidelines. Necessary travel during the epidemic.

This first day of parliamentary business came before the Trudeau government for rejection from opposition benches from mid-December. The Conservative Party has indicated it would like to study the bill in committee to make sure it does not contain other loopholes, while Black Cubacos and the NDP want to make amendments.

“Opposition groups are blocking our bill to ban $ 1,000 for people who have to segregate themselves after unnecessary travel. However, they have claimed it. It is unfair to all those who make the sacrifice,” Minister Pablo Rodriguez tweeted a few minutes after the government’s policy failed.

The Trudeau government may return to charging on Tuesday or in the next few days. In the Conservative ranks, we would like to adopt corrective measures, but we are also interested in countering what the Liberals of Justin Trudeau are proposing to avoid further confusion. Black Cubacois and the NDP want to make amendments to this.

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The violation, which allowed passengers to enjoy $ 500 a week in detention for two weeks, was revealed in a report published by the daytime La Press on January 2.

“Incredible! In September, we have only one day to discuss the C4 that led to these flaws. Today, they have rejected the debate! And do not forget to sit in the Senate until next week! Introduce the bill, we will discuss it and vote on it. It is Parliament!», Opposition Parliament in the House Leader, Conservative MP Gerard Deltel replied.

Black Cubacos believes we have to go back many months if we want to close the breach properly. “January 3 is the date the Liberal government withdrew from the cap, after which unwanted travelers will no longer be able to collect the PCMRE. All those who traveled between October 2020 and January 3, 2021 may have received this $ 1,000 unnecessarily,” said Black Cubacois parliamentary leader Alain Therian.

“It makes no sense and in Black Cubacos, we want to make sure that no one who travels for an unnecessary reason gets a reward by touching this $ 1000. So we oppose the immediate passage of the bill. We are determined to close this breach,” he added.

In early January, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Carla Carvalho assured the legislature that steps would be taken to rectify the situation as soon as parliamentary action resumed. Once passed, the law will come back into force until January 3 if the government does not accept the opposition amendments.

From this announcement, the Revenue Agency of Canada (CRA) on Monday changed the application process for this purpose to prevent abuse. This is because the persons submitting the request for the period of January 3 or later should state whether they are alone or in detention due to going abroad.

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In addition, the CRA is delaying the processing of these requests until the law that the Trudeau government intends to adopt comes into force.

“The Canada Economic Recovery was created to provide sick sick workers with the opportunity to take paid sick leave. Minister Qualtru said earlier this month.