September 28, 2022

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Post-election crusade of Trump: Justice Department investigation

Post-election crusade of Trump: Justice Department investigation

(Washington) An administrative investigation was launched Monday into whether US Justice Department officials tried to influence “change the outcome of the presidential election” in favor of Donald Trump.

France Media Agency

Ministry Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced the investigation following press releases that implicated Jeffrey Clark, the lawyer responsible for civil law cases in this powerful administration.

Assuring against all evidence of fraud, according to Donald Trump New York Times Yet Washington Post, He conspired with Mr Clarke in early January to remove acting minister Jeffrey Rosen, who refused to follow him into his crusade.

Photo by Mandel Engon, Agencies France-Press Archives

According to the media , Donald Trump conspired in early January to remove Justice Secretary Jeffrey Rosen, who refused to “damage the results of the presidential election” in favor of the outgoing president. Above, the last time Mr. Trump boarded a presidential helicopter was on January 20, when he was leaving the White House.

Mr Clark intervened in his place and on behalf of the ministry, refusing to confirm the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in a key state in Georgia.

According to this media, the president will resign in the wake of threats of massive resignation from the ministry.

According to a statement, the inspector general’s inquiry into the allegations was carried out to determine whether the current or past officials of the ministry had committed “improper acts”.

Horowitz said it would not “extend” to other government officials, thus excluding Donald Trump and his entourage’s actions in the White House.

Jeffrey Clark assured that his conversion with the President was badly reported in the media and that they were “within the framework of the law.”

Donald Trump’s allegations failed to convince the judges, but sowed doubt in the minds of millions of his supporters, so much so that on January 6, Capitol was attacked by some as Congress confirmed his rival’s victory.

The attack, which killed five people, brought the former president to trial in the Senate. He will be arraigned in February for “inciting rebellion.”

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