July 7, 2022

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The Supreme Court has closed an open judicial front against Trump

The Supreme Court has closed an open judicial front against Trump

Washington | The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ordered the closure of legal proceedings against Donald Trump in the name of constitutional provisions prohibiting a president from accepting foreign income.

Two files, particularly those related to the hotel owned by Donald Trump in Washington, were “obsolete”, the Supreme Court ruled, noting his departure from the White House.

Shortly after the Republican billionaire was elected in 2016, lawsuits were brought in Washington and New York in the name of the “Emoluments Clause” of the Constitution, which prohibits anyone in government office from receiving a salary from the Constitution. Foreign origin, without the permission of Congress.

He argues that foreign delegates favored the Trump International Hotel near the White House in hopes of winning the presidency in violation of the rule.

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The president, backed by the justice minister, said the provision was intended to prevent government officials from pocketing bribes and doing business.

The courts have given contradictory decisions and the Supreme Court is ultimately not the last word on this legal question.

This resolution sheds some light on Donald Trump’s legal horizon, which has been very busy. The Senate is due to prosecute him in February for allegedly inciting his supporters to attack Capitol on Jan. 6 for “inciting a coup.”

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Federal justice is also looking into payments to two former Donald Trump mistresses for being silent in 2016 for violating campaign finance laws.

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