May 20, 2022

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“It’s very good for me” – Topoli

"It's very good for me" - Topoli

If anyone has a problem adapting to his new team, it’s Tyler Tofoli. Just 12 calendar days later, he shares the top spot in the National Hockey League (NHL) with a five-goal crop.

The 28-year-old forward may have another three or four on his record as he took advantage of some of the scoring opportunities he had in the first two games.

However, this crop of five goals, along with three assists, made a name for itself as the first star of the week in the NHL on Monday.

Historically, Antarians have never been slow to step into a new environment. His six goals in 10 games when he reached Vancouver in February and March 2020 are a testament to that.

Except for doing it during the season when everyone is on their way, a training camp feels a lot easier than after being reduced to eight days, during which time many players try to tame something new.

“Our coach has done a great job of keeping the lines intact and making sure everyone plays on time,” said the former Kings and Conx player. In addition to allowing all team members to form quickly, it has contributed to our integration with us, the new ones. ”

It clicks with the quote

As we wrote a little earlier, if Tofoli is a little more opportunistic, his production already has 10 goals. And Jespery Kotkonimi posts far more than two less assistants.

In the first two games alone, Toffoli received two assists in the enclave from the Kotkanimi stick. The first, against Toronto, led to a great opportunity: a close-range shot. However, the latter was scrapped against the Oilers.

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Behind the Matley Leafs net, regardless of this handover from Kotkani to Tofoli, it gave Joel Army a great opportunity to move the strings.

“He’s very effective at the front check, chasing the puck and playing in tight places,” the young Finn continued. This is very good for me. The longer and more often we have a puck, the more chances I have of standing. This is an area where I have always been good. ”

Minimum adjustment

Right-handed, Tofoli has no trouble adapting to the left, and Julian has been using him since the start of this season.

“We spent a lot of time fighting the territory, so it helps,” he said. There will be more focus on entry attacks when it comes time to find openings and pass lines. ”

Once properly installed, releasing shots from the enclave, the left hand or right hand postman can no longer really hold it.

Watch Tyler Tofoli’s press briefing in the video above.