January 27, 2023

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She initiated a petition asking merchants to make their toilets available to consumers

She initiated a petition asking merchants to make their toilets available to consumers

A delivery woman suffering from intestinal disease has filed a petition to persuade traders to make their toilets available to consumers during these detention hours.

“It simply came to our notice then […] Going to the bathroom is not a hobby, ”said Mary-Ow Dubak, 40.

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The matter is sensitive, but she is ready to break the ban: she is waiting for Crohn’s diagnosis. She often has sudden attacks and forces him to go to the bathroom urgently.

She delivers for a short period of time for foresight. For an appointment with an orthopedist he will sometimes have to travel from Marisi to the Autouis.

His life has become more complicated since the epidemic, with many businesses reducing or closing access to their bathrooms. The journal also visited major banners to find out their approach on the subject.

“I can no longer go to places where they refuse to keep me […] I have to plan my trips around it. ”

“We are working to take away some of our dignity,” Julie Howell-Servantinski said. She opened the petition a week ago, shocked by the situation facing Mary-Ow Dubak. Nearly 400 people signed up on Friday.

This is the situation in which Valerie Gravel Dubois, a resident of Moscow, said last November that her 4-year-old daughter had refused Tim Hortons’ toilets.

She was about to take her injured partner to Saint-Jerome Hospital and took the order from her car when the girl had an urgent need to urinate. Eventually she had to defecate outside.

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“She’s crying,” her mother said. “She could not understand why she was rejected.”

Most workers have to spend the day in their vehicle, the problem is daily.

“The worst story I’ve ever heard is that a truck driver is flawed at a cafe door because he can no longer step back,” explained Stefan Lavoie, regional director of Quebec’s Professional Truck Drivers Association.

“It simply came to our notice then [parce qu’il peut uriner dehors]He said. “But more women are driving trucks.”

In general, businesses try to keep their washrooms open, said Jean-Franకోois Belle of the Retail Council of Canada. The catch is that employee opinions are sometimes the same as people.

“It simply came to our notice then. CNESST asks employers to protect their employees, ”Mr. Belle explained.

The Ministry of Transport explains that private businesses cannot be forced to allow road users to their toilets.

Fortunately, the service areas and leisure areas managed by MTQ are still available and the frequency of maintenance frequency has been increased, congratulating Marc Kodiux, president of the Association du Camonez du Quebec.

Still, for Stefan Laoi, these stops were not enough to meet the demand and cover the territory. Their absence in the big cities is particularly problematic, Mr. Laoi stressed.