December 6, 2023

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Critical restrictions on seniors residences

Critical restrictions on seniors residences

Vaccine shortages in Quebec come at their worst, as it spreads to Retirement Homes (RPA), the new hotspot for the epidemic in Quebec.

If the vaccine is completed in the public network of CHSLDs, the delay in vaccine delivery will greatly affect the RPAs, of which thirty have reached critical levels.

For example, at Villa du Roy, a private residence in Estre, 14 out of 20 residents were infected. The building should be vacated, but the battle was not won in advance, the owner said.

“We can’t go out in a team together. We’ve in the snow. They need help to assemble. Then they’re weak there. They move more. Everyone has lost something this time,” Christian Gway said.

Of the 62 residents at the Saint-Philippe residence in Windsor, 34 were infected.

“There may be a guardian in this care, but you know, we don’t know,” suggests owner Reason Therian.

The picture of the situation is even more encouraging for CHSDL. As all residents have been vaccinated, only 6 companies are still in the red zone and there are no new cases within 24 hours.

This is in contrast to RPAs where residents have not yet been vaccinated. Thirty companies are in the maximum zone and there are 21 new cases in 24 hours. In short, almost half of the people living in the Red Zone are infected.

“This is a system error, so we can not control the virus that enters these dwellings. And when there is a slight relaxation in the management of the dwellings, he goes inside and creates misfortune, which is a big epidemic in the dwellings,” explained Professor Emeritus Andre-Pierre Condondriopoulos in the health administration.

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Quebec is scheduled to begin vaccination in the RPA on Monday, but the Pfizer delivery has been delayed until the start of operations by the week of February 8th.

“You know, the resources you lack, the vaccine, and when you have to allocate these rare resources, it’s very difficult. We make the hardest choices, ”said Roxanne Borges da Silva, a professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Montreal.

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