July 5, 2022

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Jackets are the only reason to win matches

Jackets are the only reason to win matches

Blue Jackets coach John Tortorella has once again come under heavy criticism from several observers and hockey fans in recent days in the wake of the saga that led to the Quebec Pierre-Luke Dubois exchange at the Jets.

Tortorella’s methods are tough, which is obvious. From the outside, the Hot American coach may seem unbearable. However, our journalist Renaud LaVoy wanted to set the record straight for “Dave Morrisset Live” on Wednesday evening.

According to him, Tortorella is a great coach, he does quite a bit.

“This team has only one reason to win games, and that’s John Tortorella,” Renaud wrote in his column “Pu Ability!”

“Torts”, according to him, is “the best in the NHL, the most respected among coaches and players.”

While the tortoises received flowers, the senators received coach DJ Smith’s pot.

Ottawa looked serious against the Canucks on Wednesday night. According to Reynolds, Smith was responsible for the situation.

Believing that Smith “plays the role of yoyo” with his training, our colleague argues that players of the “Senses” cannot understand his game system.

Watch her full section in the main video!

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