July 6, 2022

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“Matte” for failure and simplicity!

"Matte" for failure and simplicity!

Rarely do we see a consensus of praise, of which, unlike the designers, we have not seen more than three episodes so far.

Beautiful inconveniences 2.0 In a span of four years, the first episode is the most valuable offspring of a series of 34 episodes that won four Gemini Awards. Then, the Rocky Trophy for the best French-speaking series in Bonf, the subject of a French adaptation with Frank Dubosk on the M6.

Netflix loves Martin Matte so much, his show Ih la la …! Recorded in its “Stand-Up Comedy Special” section, Beautiful inconveniences Available to audiences in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Despite his bizarre behavior, his arrogant expression and his rude behavior (there is nothing to envy him in this Frank Dubosk‌), Martin Matte says he still has doubts. This gives many designers the impression that they are very confident in themselves. I personally do not know Martin Matte, but I have no doubt that it is his. This is one of Dubosk‌ so I worked a few times at Juste.

An additional challenge

Matte risked nothing in writing a “normal” sequel for himself Beautiful inconveniences. Instead, he chose to put himself in danger. By design Beautiful inconveniences 2.0 Since his separation from his legal wife, the comedian has not taken much risk. Write texts based on the time she has tried so hard in her life as a couple and also plays her role on screenIt’s like turning four times in skating or four times in gymnastics. In other words, it tempts the devil.

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Each author cannibalizes his life and the lives of his relatives, but he is a skilled cunning man, changing situations and changing names and places, obscuring tracks, and removing his attributes to attribute the flaws of St. Paul and Vice. -Varsa. Above all, every writer takes great care to keep a good piece and not to become a turkey of farce.

Master of Self-Moderation

Matte, the ultimate coquetry, is the last master of self-mockery. I imagine he would not use it in all the episodes I saw and would do so until the tenth. This art of self-mockery, which makes him appear with malicious pleasure, makes him forget that his game is not always about work. When he was valued as an infant after leaving his children, he was on the verge of certification. Unless it is intended, it is not more appropriate.

I didn’t like everything about these three episodes. One scene, perhaps two, have a questionable taste. Like Martin Matte at the swimming pool with his father (deceased), his mother knew the couple was breaking up and there would be no better, better written or more moves where there would be kids learning it.

Finally, and it’s icing on Sunday, Martin defeats all the new theories of matte rectitude, which, in spite of that, deter today’s creators. Accidents are therefore not Radio-Canada’s exclusive right.

Beautiful inconveniences 2.0 Wednesday night at 9pm at TVA.