May 27, 2022

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1777 Cognac at auction

1777 Cognac at auction

British whiskey site. From Saturday to February 9, five bottles of cognac were auctioned off from 1777, 1802, 1812, 1906 and 1914, which were part of the collection of Jacques Hardy, the successor to the founder of the Hardy House in Charente until 2003.

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Each bottle comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Jacques Hardy, according to the auction site. The seller bought it from Jacques Hardy in 2003, who died in 2006 after running the Hardy home for nearly 50 years.

“They are authentic and documented, they were obtained from my father by an American buyer who is selling them,” Benedict Hardy, the current ambassador to the house, which was founded in 1863, told AFP.

In the great champagne (near Cognac, distilled during the Louis XVI by Yvonne property (area of ​​AOC that produces the finest eX-de-wine), the star of these auctions was Cognac “part of the dowry was my great-great-great-uncle James Hardy,” Mrs. Hardy said.

According to the sales site, the cognac in this bottle was kept in an oak barrel for over 100 years and then transferred to Demizon in 1936 before being bottled. Shortly afterwards, James Hardy gave the bottles to his nephews, including Jacques.

The whiskey auction told AFP that its experts had set a “conservative estimate” of 100,000 pounds (approximately 5,000 175,000) for five bottles, but that prices could exceed that amount.