May 21, 2022

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Gaming | YouTube channel dedicated to Red Bull Gaming launches “Checkpoint”

Gaming |  YouTube channel dedicated to Red Bull Gaming launches "Checkpoint"

After conquering the world of rap, Red Rull enters the world of video games. The Austrian brand launched its channel with the release of the first part of each of its programs: “Backstory”, “Good Game Show” and “Challengers”.

The first video to air on the channel, “Backstory” goes behind the scenes of Carmine Corp’s creation. From Conception to the Recruitment of Team Members, two founders Kamel “Cometo” Kabir and Amin “Prime” Macri unveiled the secrets of making the prestigious team and its evolution into one of the most followed sporting competitions in France: LFL. During each episode, a series of reports promised to carry gamers behind the biggest gaming events in France.

The “Good Game Show” program presented by Doigby is similar to “Rap Jay” but focuses on gaming culture. Both teams start with 100 life points and having more VP at the end wins the game. At the beginning of the game, each team must select an “item” that offers bonuses during the game that can be used for n. . To launch the first video game talk-show, two camps are designed with distinguished guests: Cometo and Coty Little Big Whale and Squeeze.

Finally, the last part of the chain: the “Challenger”. In this sense, the great people of gaming push their limits to achieve the challenges. The first thing that came into the box was the very decor of the show, and the discovery of events offered by the community in a variety of video games.

With three original concepts already in place, the channel, which will soon reach 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, will continue to grow in 2021 with new programs. Video game ts something to satisfy enthusiasts.

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