May 21, 2022

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Great Mosque: Legalt’s “political calculations” are condemned

Great Mosque: Legalt's "political calculations" are condemned

The Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec (CCIQ) ‘s remarks to Franాల్ois Legalt‌ on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the attack on Quebec’s great mosque were identified on Friday.

CCIQ spokesman Boufeldza Benabdalla lamented in Point Press that the Prime Minister’s failure to officially acknowledge the presence of “Islamophobia” and “systemic racism” in Quebec was due to “political calculations”.

According to the latter, Mr. Legalt “refused” when he did not accept the notion of Islamophobia.

“The more important social decisions are made, the worse the evil will be. Mr Benedict fired. We are approaching him to recognize that there is systemic racism and Islamophobia and that it needs to be discussed. We must empty it and move forward.”

The pandemic is necessary, as most memorial activities took place on Friday – and continue on Saturday – virtually.

  • Listen to Madeline Pilot-Kote’s column at Genevieve Peterson’s microphone on QUB Radio:

Direct message

Mohammed Khabar, who was wounded by two bullets on the evening of the attack, also sent the message to Franకోois Legalt.

“I want him to be prime minister for all Quebecs,” he prayed. We [les musulmans] Do not like to be classified as second class citizens. We have the same rights as others. “

Deputy Prime Minister Genevieve Gilbolt confirmed on Friday that Quebec, Islamophobic, racism is in fact a movement or an act of hatred. […] We want to take action to combat all these hateful currents that are completely inappropriate in society. “

In English, mTo me However, Gilbolt added that “there is no current or movement of Islamophobia in Quebec.”

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“This play is Islamophobic”

On Thursday, Ottawa officially announced January 29th National Day of Action on the Quebec Mosque Attack and Islamophobia, Received a good response from representatives of the Quebec Muslim community.

“The federal government has already moved and we are grateful for this. This is a step towards healing the people. Boufeldza Benedict welcomes that the regional government will follow suit and that this tragedy will be recognized. [de la grande mosquée] Islamophobic. More Islamophobic than that, you will die. ”

  • Listen to Genevieve Peterson’s microphone interview with Martin Zafroy on QUB Radio:

CCIQ spokesman attacked Law 21 on state secularism passed by the National Assembly in 2019.

“We cannot deprive people of their rights in the name of secularism,” he reiterated. Secularism as applied in Quebec has drained rights. Act 21 Discrimination. ”

That’s what they said

« Let us agree that we hate racism and that our intolerance is at its expense. There is no racism in Quebec, no question. Racism is enough. “

– Regis Labyum, Mayor of Quebec

« January 29 will be in our collective memory. This is the day to remember that in the face of impatience, in the face of hatred, never lower your guard. “

– Franకోois Legalt, Quebec Premier (via video)

« We condemn hatred and Islamophobia. We condemn the undemocratic untruths of those who try to divide us by discriminating against our citizens on the basis of their beliefs. “

– Jean-Yves Duclos, Federal Liberal Minister

« Respecting the victims of the attack compels us to work and fight against the hatred and Islamophobia that is at the root of this terrible tragedy. “

– Aimen Derbali, one of those injured in the January 29, 2017 attack

“More than ever, we must continue to fight against all forms of discrimination, racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. “

– Valerie Plante, Mayor of Montreal

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