December 6, 2022

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How Is Artificial Intelligence Used in Online Casinos

Artificial intelligence has numerous applications, and it appears these applications have already reached the world of online gambling. Some casinos have started integrating the technology into their systems.

AI in games

One of the first demonstrations of the possibility of using AI in games was Libratus AI by Carnegie Mellon. The artificial intelligence system played poker with seasoned players and easily won hands by the thousands.

Online casinos do not use such sophisticated AI systems to pit bots against human players, though. If the technology is used in the games, it tends to be limited to the interface part. In some cases, however, AI is employed by unscrupulous companies to reduce the possibility of winnings. Fortunately, this seldom happens and most games are not designed to integrate deceptive AI schemes.

The Knockout Diamonds slot game, for example, is created to offer a classic slot gaming experience. It is very unlikely for it to integrate AI, as doing so would only attract the suspicion of players. If the goal is to con players by tampering with the algorithms of games, it is not necessary to use artificial intelligence. Besides, most games are being independently audited to make sure that their underlying codes guarantee randomness. This randomness is vital in preventing manipulated game outcomes.

Creating safe and satisfying experiences

Again, as mentioned, most online casinos do not employ AI by embedding it in the source code of their audited games. Usually, what they do is use machine learning to collect data and analyze player behaviour. With this, they get to learn more about their players and find out what needs to be done to improve their online casinos.

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In other words, AI is being used to create better experiences and improve customer service. Online casinos may deploy AI-powered chatbots that interact with players as if they are real humans. These chatbots can serve as first-level customer support to address simple inquiries and concerns.

AI can also be used for fraud and cheating detection. There are times when skilled players manage to find loopholes in online casinos. They then exploit these vulnerabilities for various reasons. It could be to steal data, access bank accounts, or take away winnings. AI systems can be taught to monitor player activities and detect anomalies, which may indicate possible cheating.

Moreover, AI can be used to help players avoid becoming too addicted to gambling. Some casinos employ AI to study the behaviour of players and check if they are exhibiting symptoms of pathological gambling. The system can then raise alerts or reminders to players for them to take a break. They may also trigger an automatic self-exclusion activation.

Artificial intelligence is an exciting technology that is slowly finding its way to online casinos. However, its applications are usually used to create better experiences for players, not to “enhance” the games. Most games already work satisfactorily in their current state. They only need to be provably fair to prove that their results are not tampered with or pre-decided.