November 27, 2022

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Testing YouTube Clips on Gaming Channels

Testing YouTube Clips on Gaming Channels

YouTube is testing a feature that allows you to share specific moments of videos, separating video clips from 5 to 60 seconds.

The clips are finally available on YouTube. © Proxima Studio –

Clips are short clips of videos that are intended to highlight a specific moment in the video. They allow you to isolate the moments you want to share, without having to search for them in the full video. These snippets are usually intended for posting on social networks.

The first test of the clips on YouTube

The official YouTube gaming was announced via the Twitter account and along with itAn article In the official Google blog post, the functionality of the clips will be tested as a first step on YouTube, especially on gaming channels.

Viewers can distinguish between summaries that last between 5 and 60 seconds, without having to download the video.

YouTube specifies that the clips are still attached to the original video, and if the latter is deleted, the clips taken from it will also be deleted.

How to create a clip?

To trim, go to the video that is part of YouTube’s trial program It’s For example, and click on the icon Extract.

Activity Extract The video is below, in the toolbar. © Capture BDM

When you click on the icon, a menu opens on the right side of your screen above the suggested videos. It allows you to select the exact snippet you want, selecting the start time code and end time code.

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It is essential to add a title (which respects YouTube rules) so that the essence can be shared.

Once the duration is selected and the title is added, you can share the clip. © Capture BDM

Once your clip is ready, you need to click on it Share the essence. A menu opens and provides you with all possible links for your clip: sharing on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn), sending via email, web integration

A feature reminiscent of Twitch

Clips have been available on Twitch for many years and this feature is a real strength to the platform. The concept of music video has been very successful in Twitch and it is not surprising that other platforms like YouTube are trying it out.

Clips on the YouTube tool are already available on desktop and Android. For iOS users, you may have to wait a little longer.

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