June 30, 2022

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Thousands of Republicans left the ship

Thousands of Republicans left the ship

Donald Trump’s departure for Mar-e-Lago is very recent and if it were a little before his fall as president on the Republican Party, some indicators have indicated here and there.

Earlier this week, there were reports in some US publications that there were a large number of defections among party members.

Dozens of members outraged by the attitude of the political establishment leaders in the wake of the attack on the Capitol and the President’s remarks would like to leave.

The wave was unprecedented and the hill site claimed it was only the tip of the iceberg. Historically, it was not uncommon for voters to change parties or have an official affiliation between two elections, but the risks were substantial.

Despite this terrible film, there are some positive notes. Voters who leave the Republican Party do not necessarily go to the Democratic Party.

While it is true that we are losing members, the appointment will allow us to wipe out some part of this deficit. We therefore hope to close the gap by the time of the 2022 midterm elections.

You have already read or heard a few times; The Republican structure is divided between the traditional conservative class and Donald Trump supporters. If party leaders and strategists recognize the frustration of the conservatives, they are still waiting to see the number and impact of the president’s supporters, they will be formed in a few months.

Trump is still influential

While their leaders and strategists are watching and waiting, many Republicans elected in Congress have already chosen their camp. Already 45 senators have opposed the trial of Donald Trump’s impeachment case. Many elected officials are already ready to cross the sponge despite the gravity of the allegations.

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For this solidarity of senators, we must include Republican-elected House representatives who put considerable pressure on their ten colleagues to leave the party ranks by voting in favor of the impeachment.

Then there is the case of Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy of California. The latter is ambitious and he is the leader of his establishment in the House. He is focused on announcer performance if his forces can get a majority in 2022.

After the attack on Capitol, McCarthy severely criticized his president, pointing the finger at him as being responsible. He not only swallowed his words quickly, but met with Donald Trump on Thursday in Mar-a-Lago to reprimand him severely and apologize to the “Godfather”.

Many of us have wondered whether the attack on Capitol Hill did not cause the deaths of Donald Trump, Quanon and those on the right. If the Republican Party seems to have a window to get away from the influence of its extreme elements, it seems to be closing quickly. Donald Trump’s grip is still very true.