July 5, 2022

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Areas at the heart of liberal strategy

Areas at the heart of liberal strategy

(Montreal) The Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), which is not a single member east of the island of Montreal, began a major consultation on Saturday with the aim of regaining seats in these areas.

Michelle Saba
The Canadian Press

At the first national meeting of members after the fall of 2019, Liberal leader Dominic Angled announced that the party was launching a website in its Charter of Regions to actually contact Cubans.

The project aims to understand the “concerns and problems of each region,” PLQ said, estimating that the vastness of Quebec’s territory and the diversity of its population make it impossible to apply “wall to wall” policies.

The Regions Charter summarizes Dominic Anglade, “the way to give yourself wings”, “regaining the ability to dream for Quebec”, and invites Cubans to think about “the type of Quebec we want to build together”.

Some twenty “impartial, open to all” consultations are held in all parts of Quebec. Participants can write on the site and register for virtual consultations that last until spring.

The political party wants to develop a “comprehensive and sustainable” economy, bringing in “innovative ideas” and “modern vision of what the future holds”.To me Angled in his speech.

With the exception of the Chief’s brief speech, the meeting, attended by 600 members on Saturday morning, took place behind closed doors.

The program aims to showcase the game plan for the coming months, the area charter and new software for the upcoming general election in the fall of 2022. It allows the Liberals to discuss mobilization, epidemic challenges and party finances. Advertising.

The economies of PLQ were affected by the epidemic context. Liberals still believe they did well. Fifty or more events managed to raise more than $ 200,000.

Precision :
In a previous version, the La Press mistakenly indicated that the Canadian PLQ did not have a single MP west of Montreal. In fact, there is no one east of Montreal.