May 24, 2022

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300 doses to 81 per day.

300 doses to 81 per day.

Since the opening of the first vaccination center at the Palais des Festivals et des Congress on January 9, the second center at Palais des Victoris on January 18, the city of Cannes has been pushing statistics about vaccine endowment for the state. Commune.
Week 1: 300 doses Per day.
Week 2: 200 doses per day.
Week 3: 166 doses per day.
From Wednesday 27th January: 110 doses per day.
Then “From Wednesday, February 3, 81 dose Prescribed only for second injections per day“.

This is according to the municipality “Vaccine dosage distribution has dropped by 75% since the campaign began“And there are consequences: Cannes Town Hall is therefore responsible”Postpone appointments (Over 680) is specifically compatible with secondary injections, scheduled 21 days after the first 21 days for the Pfizer vaccine and 28 days for the modena vaccine according to national guidelines“.

The government is ending the internal forums of municipalities to register if you want to be vaccinated. Thus the municipal services of Cannes turn into one of these three private conference venues with pre-registered (14,000 Cannes residents), “otherwise the town is not at risk of being vaccinated with vaccines”.

With the postponement of appointments for a second injection, Cannes will postpone all appointments Wednesday February 3 and Thursday February 4 (I.e. 385) and Close the vaccination center at the Palais des Festivals at des Congress On these dates “The distribution of Pfizer vaccines in the department is not expected until Thursday, February 4 “.

Vaccination therefore becomes very difficult for municipalities. You need to cheat the doses and keep your cool.

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