November 27, 2022

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Healthcare Computerization: Oppositions want to see game plan

Healthcare Computerization: Oppositions want to see game plan

The opposition has called on the Legal government to be transparent in the expansion of its massive health network computerization project, which could reach $ 3 billion.

Asked about Revealed from our Bureau of Investigation on this matterOn Monday, Solidarity Deputy and Public Finance Committee member Vincent Marisall demanded that Quebec submit a specific plan on how it intends to proceed with the file.

“It is up to the Ministry of Health to submit a plan with a deadline because it will allow them to have marks over time,” he explained in an interview.

Our Bureau of Investigation reported on Monday that Quebec Health Ministry will launch the expansion of Digital Health Record (DSN), the largest IT project in history. The project is part of the CAQ government’s digital transformation plan and will make it possible to bring together the health data of Quebecs in one place. Billion can invest up to 3 billion.

But the government has a history of failures in implementing its IT projects, especially in the health network. Over the past 20 years, approximately 2 billion 2 billion have been swallowed up in the initiative with mixed results. Among them, the Quebec Health Record, a $ 1.8 billion project launched in 2006, and its data are considered incomplete today.

True, “paper” files are still used in some health centers, so the widespread use of fax.

“The past cannot be said to guarantee the future,” said Martin Oellet, a member of the Rene-Lowesque and Cubacois spokeswoman for Digital Strategy.

The latter also requested that a portion of the contracts awarded for the expansion of this computerization project be allocated to Quebec companies.

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“Unfortunately, in the past, we tied the knot with big companies and bought licenses that we did not need. So I believe there is room for Quebec companies, despite the competition to bring forward the best practices. ”

Quebec’s Liberal Party says they share a “government goal of improving state computerization”, but raises expectations by arguing that “this is also a matter of time.”

“It seems that the government has announced that it will return to the drawing board. We can say for sure that we have questions about this option, but on other aspects of the project, especially the mode chosen for the grant of costs, deadlines, contracts”, former responsibilities Deployment IT in the Health Network, Deputy for Gauten Barrett.