May 18, 2022

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Shea Weber: 1000 matches and … a silver stick!

Shea Weber: 1000 matches and ... a silver stick!

Canadian captain Shia Weber is set to reach the 1,000-game regular-season mark in the National Hockey League (NHL). If all goes well, Vancouver will take on the Canucks in their 1,000th game on Tuesday in Montreal.

To underline this feat, the Hobbs company gives him a silver stick. This award cannot be denied because Weber has won some honors since the beginning of his career, but he has instead seen trophies, especially Norris, which very often slipped through his fingers.

– Mark Messier Trophy

After his final season in the Nashville Predators uniform in 2015-16, Weber won the hand on the Mark Messier Trophy. This personal dignity emphasizes the superior leadership qualities of a hockey player, either through sport or through his contribution to society. Strangely enough, Weber gave the trophy to the Canadians exactly a week ago in place of PK Subban.

– The most powerful shot

Defenseman Shia Weber, known for the strength of his shot, won the skill competition four times in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2020, along with the NHL All-Star Game. In the recent classic, Weber was able to hit 106.5 miles per hour. Washington Capitals defeats defenseman John Carlson.

– No Norris Trophy

More than twice before, Weber finished second on the ballot for the Norris Trophy, winning the award for best defenseman in the NHL. At the end of the 2010-2011 season, he was edged by Niklas Lidstrom of the Detroit Red Wings. The vote was very strong (736 points against 727). The following year, it was young Eric Carlson, then with the Ottawa senators, who played a similar trick to Weber. Once again, the BC native narrowly escaped from him.

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– No Stanley Cup

The most coveted trophy for any hockey player is the Stanley Cup. However, it is surprising to note that Weber did not make it to the second round playoffs, either in Nashville or Montreal. The Predators played in the Grand Finals against the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2017, but the defenseman had already traded with the Canadians the previous year.

– Gold medals

On the international scene, Shia Weber was even more successful, winning two gold medals at the Olympic Games with Canada, in Vancouver in 2010 and in Sochi in 2014. There are also gold medals. Gold at the World Junior Championships (2005), IIHF World Championships (2007) as well as the Hockey World Cup (2016).