May 20, 2022

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The party Quebecois wants to abolish the monarchy in Quebec

The party Quebecois wants to abolish the monarchy in Quebec

Eight years after the first failure, the party Cubacois (PQ) will launch a motion in the coming days seeking the abolition of the post of lieutenant governor and a refund of the sums paid by the Quebecs to the Queen. A bill must be passed in parliamentary sessions.

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Confirming that it was “colonial, too expensive and unnecessary”, PQ leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon wanted the region to be completely liberated from the grip of British monarchy.

“First, we table a motion to demand a refund from Quebec paid to the monarchy. Then we demand the abolition of the lieutenant governor, ”he explained.

“We are committed to utilizing the million dollars received from this Reimbursement by paying for education in Quebec,” the PQ chief assured.

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Law Project

Unlike in November 2012, when the Mauritian government failed to get the necessary assistance from the Liberal Party and the coalition Avenir Quebec on this issue, Mr. Saint-Pierre Plamondon believed that this time all parties would unite.

“I think it would be difficult to give explanations if a political party decides not to go ahead with this project,” he suggests.

If the resolution is passed unanimously, as Mr. Saint-Pierre Plamondon expects, then in a parliamentary session, PQ intends to table a bill to abolish royalties in the province.

“The time has definitely come for the monarchy in Quebec. At some point, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and make choices that suit the Quebec people, ”he said.

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Clearly, such a process may not be easy. According to the Constitution of Canada, this provision must be approved by the Senate, House of Commons and Legislature of each province.

“We hope to have air on our face in this matter, that is for sure, especially with the federal government. We know that we have an important constitutional challenge awaiting us,” the PQ leader stressed.