June 26, 2022

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Host of PC games offered with Prime Gaming

Host of PC games offered with Prime Gaming
Freebox Delta Subscribers: A host of PC games offered with Prime Gaming

Each month, Freebox Delta offers free gaming accessible Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime), many games to find on PC, all you have to do is subscribe to Amazon Prime. The choice of the moment is here

Amazon Prime included in the Freebox Delta offer offers access to a number of benefits: SVOD Prime video service, free content for gamers with music streaming but Twitch Prime, recently renamed Prime Gaming.

The Twitch Live streaming platform, which relies heavily on video games, provides a specific formula through an extension for Amazon Prime subscribers and for Freebox Delta subscribers who have activated their offer. It also allows you to access platform-specific features and free PC games. Focus on the selection of games to catch Twitch in February, even later!

Cyberhook, a very colorful platform, is available until February 12th

Blast through a fantastic retrove world using your Parkour skills and allow you to climb and run over walls in this fast 3D platform game. Blow down your enemies, change the time and place and defy the physical rules to avoid falling.

Algo Boat, Puzzles and Humor, available until February 19th

In the heart of Europe, the ship of the galactic colonies, the crew dreamed of a new life deeply awaited in the galaxy, but the duty droid algo boat working in sorting had no rest. The worst. A simple mission with PAL, his supreme superiority, is when the crisis is deep in the ship – except to restore the PAL and Algobot Europa system and reinstall the AI, there will be no awakening of the ship as soon as possible for the sleeping crew.

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Extreme capitalism becomes fun with the Little Big Workshop available until February 26

Imagine a magical factory that looks directly into your room. Carefully planned masterpiece, where dedicated workers bring what customers want. Rubber ducks and buffets, drones and electric guitars, scooters and other amazing items are made with different materials and can come with a premium. Invest your profits directly in your factory to get more machines, more workers and grow your business. You will become a factory businessman at the Little Big Workshop

5 games will enter until March 1st

It is enough Table courtesy, Sentiment simulator with crazy physics! It’s a big night, you’ve finally set a date and going to the most chic restaurant you know… problem only, you play hand in hand with the disaster chain!

Swim! Multiplayer underwater shooter game with 8 action-packed game modes. In Muba’s skin, you can use a large number of weapons and power-ups to survive in this aquatic world. Easy to learn, but difficult to master, Swimsonity! Available to occasional players and very relentless! Note that multiplayer can only be accessed on the local cooperative bed in this edition.

Welcome in Monster Prom ! You have 3 weeks to find someone for Monster Prom! Experience funny and ridiculous situations, improve your stats and captivate one of your peers. This dating simulator (1-4 players) offers great graphics, bold dialogue and difficult options. Your worst you.

Finally Pinch. Discover the powerful psychic world. Immerse yourself in the heart of the new ecology that gives pride of place to multiple paths, light levels and complex obstacles. Transcend the physical realm and embrace your true form as a spinach, a hypergill creature driven by the quest to save some of its fallen offspring by overcoming endless invasions of offsets and other twisted quirks.

You can also find the option 21 games must be registered by March 31, Of these :

  • La Saga Metal Slug
  • Fiery star
  • Samurai Showdown II And 5
  • Ironclad
  • Shock Troopers 2nd Squad
  • Many episodes of The King of Fighters
  • And many others

You can claim these games cette page Twitch By logging in with your Amazon identifier linked to your Freebox Delta offer.

As a reminder, these games are free for a limited time; However, in the “Games” section from the Twitch application on your PC, you can install them whenever you want after retrieving them. Note that in some rare cases for Battlefield 3 last December, another venue was needed.