December 4, 2022

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Inappropriate behavior | Former Defense Chief Jonathan Vance has targeted the allegations

Inappropriate behavior |  Former Defense Chief Jonathan Vance has targeted the allegations

(Ottawa) Senior Canadian defense officials say they are saddened by allegations that former defense chief Jonathan Vance has misbehaved with subordinates.

The Canadian Press

Global News reported on Tuesday that Jonathan Vance is continuing with a woman who is very low on the company’s reporting structure.

The former defense chief reportedly had a sexual remark with a second, very young soldier in 2012 before being appointed chief of staff.

Jonathan Vance did not reach out for comment on Tuesday and could not independently confirm the allegations against him.

Jonathan Vance’s successor Admiral Art MacDonald and Deputy Secretary of Defense Jody Thomas said in a joint statement that they were taking the allegations seriously.

They point out that anyone’s misconduct, regardless of rank in Canadian forces, undermines the military’s ability to maintain and defend the country.

“We will communicate more in the coming days and we will not have any more comments at this time,” their statement said.

According to Global News, Jonathan Vance admitted to having an affair with his first wife almost 20 years ago, but this relationship has developed over the years and is not sexual.

The former defense chief also said he did not remember commenting on the sexual nature of the other junior member, saying it would have been ridiculous if he had commented, and that he was ready to apologize.

Jonathan Vance, who transferred the command of the Canadian Armed Forces to Art McDonald’s, was charged within a month.

Jonathan Vance took over as Chief of Defense in July 2015, accusing the Canadian Armed Forces of turning a blind eye to sexual misconduct in their ranks.

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The first order issued by Jonathan Vance as Canada’s senior military commander was to make a total effort against this kind of misconduct.