May 29, 2022

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Investigation into his father’s murder | Jeremy Fortier-Grenier was sleeping on the street the day before the murder

Investigation into his father's murder |  Jeremy Fortier-Grenier was sleeping on the street the day before the murder

Although he inherited 000 100,000 from a loved one, Jeremy Fortier-Grenier slept on park benches after allegations surfaced that he planned to assassinate his father in May 2018. If he was open to his past, the young Montreal would have been silent on his father’s death after his arrest.

Louis-Samuel PerronLouis-Samuel Perron

“I want to be quiet, that’s all”. The next day after his arrest, Jerome Fortier-Grenier repeated the same thing every time the investigator questioned him about the circumstances surrounding Richard Grenier’s murder. The jury saw the first two hours of questioning him on Tuesday, in which the accused slept longer.

Extract from the video where the evidence was filed

Jerome Fortier-Grenier sleeps longer when questioned by police after his arrest.

A 28-year-old man is accused of premeditated murder of his father on May 10, 2018, by luring him with an excuse in an industrial parking lot in Saint-Laurent Borough, Montreal. According to the lawsuit, Jerome Fortier-Grenier stabbed his father 32 times before hiding the body in the woods.

That evening, Jerome Fortier-Grenier joined his father to “re-establish links” at a restaurant in Laval. Then they “for two, three hours” talked about everything and nothing, he told the researcher. His father wanted to help him get a new job.

According to the defendant, his father “wanted to” seize his chalet near Mont-Laurier, because he was “tanned”. This chalet is at the heart of the trial. After the murder, Jerome Fortier-Grenier not only went there, but also told two relatives that he was going or had already “inherited” the chalet. “He was expected to inherit the chalet. He had to go to a notary,” his cousin Stephanie Grenier testified on Tuesday.

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Unemployed, homeless and without friends, Jeremy Fortier-Grenier told police he slept “on the street” the night before he met his father. This is not the first time. Yet two, three years ago he inherited 000 100,000 from his uncle. However, most of it was used to pay off uncle’s debts and his own credit cards, he said.

His remaining question continues Wednesday morning as well.

Messages to the victim the same evening

Although he had already been murdered, according to the Crown, Jeremy Fortier-Grenier sent messages to his father the same evening. “If anything, I’ve always been there. I love you Dad. See you soon. Don’t forget to tell me when you get home, ”he wrote to her at 10pm.

In these messages, Jerome Fortier-Grenier said he was “happy” to see his father. “We need to see more of each other,” he wrote bluntly. The son criticized his mother-in-law Tania for “exploiting” his father for his “money”. “You’re stressed with all this. You almost screamed tonight while talking to me,” he said.

“I had a bad feeling,” Tania Hamon recalled. After a “meeting” with her son, she contacted police immediately after seeing these messages on the family computer, without news about her partner. Jerome Fortier-Grenier then adds: “Hello? Who are you going to see next? Dad? Well, at least you saw my message, I love you. See you soon. xx ”, he ends at 11:50 p.m.

The father and son have only had “episodic contact” since the accused left the family home in February 2016. “I asked my partner [Jérémie] Will leave home, ”she explains. At the time, she was expecting a boyfriend with her partner Richard Grenier‌, who has been with her since 2009.

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A few months after the tragedy, Tania Hamon went to her husband’s chalet near Mont-Laurier. Note that she is now the owner of the building. She found a man smashing a window. Their son’s car seat in the victim’s car was also hidden in the shed. According to the Pursuit, Jerome Fortier-Grenier took refuge at Chalet with his father’s vehicle after the murder. His girlfriend and her mother then look at him, his hands and clothes bloody.

Jerome Fortier-Grenier was defended by Mi Martin Latour and Mi Sabrina Lapolla, while Mi Nadia Burube represented the public prosecutor. Judge Claude Champagne will preside over the hearing.