March 21, 2023

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Storm: Schools and roads closed in eastern Quebec

Storm: Schools and roads closed in eastern Quebec

Heavy snowstorms that lashed southern and eastern Quebec on Tuesday and Wednesday forced the closure of several roads and caused road exits.

Due to bad weather conditions, many schools closed their doors for the day.

On Highway 20, at 4:30 a.m., four trucks traveling west made a spectacular exit from the road at the same location, at Saint-Hycinth, without colliding.

Only one truck driver sustained minor injuries, according to Cerటేte du Quebec (SQ), but the incident did not disrupt traffic.

In Boss-Saint-Laurent, Transport announced the closure of several sections of Highway 20 between Quebec la Pocatier and Saint-Pascal, Rimowski and Mont-Jolie and Riviere-du-Loop and Notre-Dame-des-Niges.

The single motorway axis in both directions between Lewis and Lapocautier was closed due to difficult weather conditions.

Highway 85 is also closed in places, and when it is not, the road is covered with snow and visibility is reduced or zero.

On the north coast, heavy vehicle traffic on both sides of Route 138 between Tadoussac and Les Escumins is prohibited.

In Quebec City, an accident forced a partial closure (1 in 3 lanes) north of Highway 740.

On the A-10, the road is partially covered with snow and visibility is good, on Highway 40, with small obstacles and snow blades in places, especially in Marisi.

Pilots in the metropolitan area

Heavy snowfall on Tuesday caused a lot of trouble in the metropolitan area. There have been dozens of collisions and road trips and at least two piping.

The first was in the afternoon on Autoroute 40, west of Henry-Bourassa, east of the island of Montreal. Four other vehicles were involved in an accident on Highway 20 near Boucherville shortly after.

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AutoRoute 30 in Monterogy had to be partially closed for a while due to the formation of snow blades on the road.

Closed schools

At least eight school service centers have decided to close some or all of their institutions today. See full list Here.

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