March 21, 2023

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The police department in the city of Mont-Tremblant will be disbanded

Un véhicule de la Sûreté du Québec en hiver.

The Minister of Public Safety, Quebec Deputy Premier Genevieve Gilbolt made the announcement in a press release on Tuesday.

This decision will take effect Right now, Mentioned his cabinet.

In a press release, City of Mont-Tremblant at the end of a transition period, The territory of Mont-Tremblant and Lock-Tremblant-Nord is provided by Sereto du Quebec.

Like many municipalities with a population of less than 50,000, the city of Mont-Tremblant also chose to be served by Certe du Quebec. This authority is granted following a rigorous and legally supervised process that follows each step.

Genevieve Gilmbolt, Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Safety of Quebec

In an interview with Radio-Canada, Fraternity des Police President de Mont-Tremblant (FPMTT), Serge-Alexander Bouchard, said he could not explain Minister Gilbolt’s decision. Union decision Will challenge in court, He assured.

The legal options are still there and we will take them to the end […], Including the president of the union, which represents 43 police officers in Mont-Tremblant.

Until then, the Mont-Tremblant police will continue Answer calls and complete the task, He said again.

Savings to the city

As early as December 2019 the Mont-Tremblant Municipality asked Quebec To terminate its service From the police.

Referring to financial matters, Mont-Tremblant Mayor Luke Brisbois claims the municipal police service is exercising Too much pressure On the city. Public safety represents the largest expenditure in Mont-Tremblant’s budget, with costs approximately $ 11 million, in 2019.

The city administration has argued that it should bring its police department into the fold SQ Increases the number of police officers in Mont-Tremblant‌ and allows to save up to two million dollars a year.

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I was very relieved to be able to finally turn the page on the atmosphere of uncertainty created by waiting for this ministerial decision. Through this authority, we thank the Minister for recognizing the authenticity of our policy. We can move forward now, Mayor Brisboys responded Tuesday.

Relationships are damaged

The situation between the municipality and its police officers worsened, on January 27, in the city of Mont-Tremblant Asked Minister Gilbolt will replace her municipal police force with the SQ as soon as possible.

The mayor said he had been arrested, according to Brisbois A sad situation, The situation is unbearable.

Mayor Brisbois said he fears for the safety of his citizens. Threats were made at the level of elected officials, He continued even after putting himself under the protection of the program to fight the threats of the elected officers of the SQ.

They are following these comments as they qualify Defamation, Brotherhood of Police Officers of the Federation of Municipal Police Officers of Quebec (FPMQ) and the City of Mont-Tremblant (FPMTT) Gave notice The Mayor of Mont-Tremblant and the Mayor of Lock-Tremblant-Nord Municipality, Kim Meyer, were asked to withdraw.

In the wake of this tension, on Tuesday, Minister Gilbolt granted Mont-Tremblant authority to repeal his police force.

The decision was denied

Tuesday, the FPMQ Yet FPMTT Denied The anti-democratic decision of the Minister of Public Security is serious.

In a joint press release, they criticized Minister Gilbolt’s decision The work of the advisory committee on police reality is not over. In doing so, the Minister approves it Defamation exit Mont-Tremblant and Lock-Tremblant-Nord mayors they said.

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According to the Federation and the fraternity, this request measure from the mayors Union revenge It is invalid by the Administrative Labor Tribunal.

With this decision, the Minister of Public Safety will not hesitate to put herself beyond the population and the courts, proving that she is willing to keep everyone quiet, End both companies.