May 23, 2022

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Time is tough for senators

Time is tough for senators

The next rivals of the Montreal Canadians, the Ottawa Senators, are far from looking good and much needs to be done to fix the bar‌.

Head coach DJ Smith’s team started the campaign with a win over the Toronto Maple Leafs, but they missed the next nine games. The Edmonton Oilers took a 4-2 lead on Tuesday with a four-goal lead.

Smith described the hardships of his men very simply. Starting with veterans they all need to do more. Some players like Derek Stepan or Evgeny Dadonov are neutral: each of them has three points so far. Goalkeeper Matt Murray, who was inactive at the last meeting, is struggling. He averaged 4.81 goals and a .849 save rate.

“I need more from the old guys at this point,” Smith admitted, according to the Daily. Ottawa sun. Some young people began to take charge of the game. However, I need more of those who have been in the league for a long time. “

Also, players know about it. Their bad habit of starting meetings on alert continues to haunt them night after night. Because of the numbers, catch-up hockey can be difficult to play.

“We need to be better overall. We get in trouble very early on and climbing the mountain is difficult. In this league, it is almost impossible to erase a three goal delay after a period. Then we have to keep the other club on hand and we don’t. Defender Eric Goodbranson said it was definitely an area that needed to be developed. We have to work harder to achieve the first goal of the game. The way we started the games recently was really annoying to us. ”

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Hope so

However, as Thomas Chabot says, senators continue to look forward to better days.

“When you face difficulties like this, you have to keep working and try to do the right thing. One evening, this evil aggression will be to our advantage, that is for sure, ”said Kubeker.

The good news is the performance of rookie Tim Stuttgel who scored his third goal on Tuesday. The 19-year-old German seems to have transported the dynamic game he was given at the recent World Junior Hockey Championships to the National League.

“Tim Stuttgel is incredible, especially in the third period. He blocked and did shots. You can see he’s playing hard to help with this training,” his head coach noted.