June 7, 2023

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Trial | Michael Wenne doesn’t know why Liz Payet talks about “intelligence.”

Trial |  Michael Wenne doesn't know why Liz Payet talks about "intelligence."

(Quebec) Why did Liz Payet say in a record call that she was unaware that Michael Wenne had done “intelligence”? The main man told the court on Wednesday that he did not know.

Gabriel BelandGabriel Beland

“Actually, I don’t know what she means,” the 60-year-old man told his inquest into sexual harassment and extortion.

This is the Crown Attorney, during cross-examination, referring to this passage from an appeal filed by his defendant in 2017. In the conversation, Liz Payet returns to her letter stating that the complainant had a mark in 2015 for laundering the man.

“I’m sorry his wife and children have to pay their nonsense. I tried to avoid it,” he said.

Former columnist at Destiny And the founder of the Institute du Nouveau Monde (INM) on Thursday reiterated the idea of ​​seeking M’s help.To me Payet, who cleanses his reputation tainted by “rumors”, is not his. According to him, it was Jean Lamarre, then chairman of the board of directors Destiny.

Proof was completed Wednesday. Michelle Wenne is the only witness to the defense. Pleadings will take place on Friday. Mr. Wenne has been charged with sexual harassment and extortion.

It is alleged that the allegations were made in 2008. The complainant was 17 years old at the time. Remember that the man denies the allegations, he speaks rather than “misunderstands”, which is very exaggerated.