March 31, 2023

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Very welcome flexibility

Very welcome flexibility

Everyone is crossing their fingers so that the situation lasts as long as possible and we can even switch to a lesser color. In general, the reactions are very good. Although some believe that we have not kept our promises.

With the return of the rainbow in three colors in Quebec. Like the Gaspai Islands it is turning orange again … but Joel Arseno, MP for the Magdalene Islands, sees red.

“I am very disappointed that the government has not respected its own color alert code, the regional warning.”

Member of the Islands to the National Assembly, the individual is opposed to the policy of not bothering large centers.

“To get back to orange, there is no big difference with the red category. That means the sanctions are still very heavy and the results are significantly better. ”

A situation that provokes some irony tells Mr. Arsenia:

“As one citizen told me: How many cases take less than zero to determine that our efforts have paid off.”

Some gnash their teeth, while others may eventually suck. Rachel Lapoint, Quebec’s Accordion Museum and its Director:

“We are very happy to be able to open to the public from Monday. We have a new show, which will also be open at that time. So this is a great opportunity, we are very happy.”

Closed for more than a month, gyms, restaurants and museums are finally able to see their customers again. Andre Nadan, director of the Aptitude Gym in New Richmond, described the news as having great repercussions:

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“Already, when the news came in at 5am last night, lessons were coming in, emails were coming in, phones were ringing … customers were hoping!”

Everyone must comply with the rules that the Prime Minister and public health have long repeated. For the Michelle Poyer team at Heron Restaurant‌, it has a new nuance:

“There are some different rules. Like people who are going to have a take-out meal, they don’t have to make reservations. People who want to come to the restaurant must have reservations. In addition, we do not allow people from other areas to enter the restaurant. So we have to play the police.”

Gaspe and the islands have done their duty well and if the region wants to switch to another color code, everyone must do their part. YV Bonnier-Viger, director of public health at Gaspe, hit home with a message he often heard:

“In fact, we need to keep our epidemiological condition at its current level and in order to do so, we must continue to strictly respect the basics.”

Over the next few weeks, public health will keep an eye on the various variants of the disease. The cases identified in Quebec are in large centers and officials are hopeful they can be controlled. According to Dr. Bonnier-Weiger, gas can be given another color long before:

“We may return to color levels depending on regional realities.”