May 20, 2022

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Border workers, forgotten by the vaccine campaign?

Border workers, forgotten by the vaccine campaign?

Minister of Health,
Palette Leonert
(LSAP), verified during Wednesday evening
A question and answer session was conducted on Youtube
Jean-Claude Schmidt
, Director of Health, along with him) understood by a few journalists for the general public
His Monday press briefing
. Beyond the first phase of vaccination, border workers and the rest of the Luxembourg campaign will not be affected, as will medical staff and the elderly. “Border workers are vaccinated in their country of origin,” she explained. This option is justified by the fact that “vaccine orders are calculated based on the number of residents”. So the latter will be a priority for them.

Apparently, with more than 200,000 border workers in Luxembourg, this kind of news is not happy. Many are dissatisfied. Suffice it to examine social networks in recent hours to realize this. Most people do not understand. On the one hand, they cooperate as a worker in Luxembourg. On the other hand, they are not allowed to be vaccinated in the same country. There is really something to swallow by your morning coffee and get upset. But most of all it is for principle. Because this feeling of frustration does not stand up to a cold analysis of the situation. Currently at least one is valid.

Luxembourg, (slightly) behind its neighbors

Because, for a border worker, it would be of interest to have the right to be vaccinated in Luxembourg, if he could do so before his country of residence gave it to him. However, at the moment, we are not really in that perspective. Judging by the statistics compiled (and discontinued on Tuesday) by the European version of the most trusted American site Politico, at present, 2.28% of the population of Luxembourg is vaccinated. It is 2.53% for France, 2.82% for Belgium and 3.24% for Germany. By zooming more specifically into the territories of the “Greater Region”, we found more or less equivalent statistics: 2.32% in Sarland, 3.50% in the Rhineland-Palatinate, 2.15% in the French Moselle and 2.68% in the Mirthe-et-Moselle (data available for Belgium province No).

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The logic of the European Union

So everyone is kept in a pocket square. It makes sense when we remember that the European Union distributes vaccines in proportion to what is received and in proportion to the population of each country. Therefore all EU states must move forward at a greater or lesser pace.

Vaccine campaign policies in the three countries surrounding Luxembourg have been widely compared to Bettel government policies. Namely, before treating the medical staff and the elderly, prioritizing several consecutive stages based on age groups and the different levels of vulnerability associated with Kovid-19 infection. In these various campaigns, we can observe that working age people are among the last to be called each time. Vaccination of border workers is still a long way off. A lot can happen by then …