May 22, 2022

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Camara case: Very fast arrest according to defense lawyer

Camara case: Very fast arrest according to defense lawyer

Attorney Classification of Mamadi Fara Kamara: His client was arrested very quickly.

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“Since he is a police officer [et] Do we want to find a culprit quickly? Many hypotheses have been put forward, but what we can understand is that the investigation was very fast, “said Cedric Modern in an interview with LCN Airwaves.

According to him, other evidence must be collected before being arrested in this case.

The Montreal Police Department (SPVM) defended itself on Thursday afternoon, particularly appealing to the complexity of the investigation. Argument that the defense attorney must not buy.

“There was a lot of evidence given to us on Tuesday morning and on the proof face […] We quickly realized that he was not the man the police were looking for, “said Cedric Modern, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

The lawyer said the main issue in the case remained the identity of the accused.

Camara case: “The first thing we want to do is find the culprit”

“There were many witnesses who gave details that went in a different direction than Mr. Camara. It took us another six days to come to the conclusion that he was in the DPCP yesterday,” he said.

In addition, let me tell you that Cedric Modern is doing well depending on his client’s circumstances, but he was at least “shocked to see what happened”. Ever since he mentioned his innocence from the beginning.

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“It simply came to our notice then. In fact, the innocence of that person has been completely violated, ”laments Mr. Modern.

Despite everything, Mamadi Farah Kamara did not receive an apology from the SPVM or the DPCP, his lawyer said.

“There are questions to ask […] For six days, what happened was that Mr. Camara literally removed everyone he had and placed his share in the public square very quickly, ”the lawyer protested.

It remains to be seen whether the concerned principal will go on a public outing to apologize and take stock. Or if he takes civil action against SPVM and DPCP.