May 23, 2022

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Debbie Lynch-White pays tribute to her grandfather

Debbie Lynch-White pays tribute to her grandfather

We express our condolences Debbie Lynch-White, His friends and relatives, they were in mourning.

An actress who can be seen on the small screen Series Another story, Was very difficult from his grandfather Gerald White Is dead.

Through Instagram, the sympathetic actress paid her last respects to her grandfather on Thursday evening:

«It’s been a few weeks that it’s okay. This morning, the nurse called me, saying it was the end and he was asking me. I ran towards his bed. Unable to open his eyes, he asked for his breath, but he felt his hand inside me and squeezed it. For thirty minutes I caressed her cheek and held her hand, you did our famous “I love you more than ice cream”. You have a great life. You can go now. Don’t worry I’ll be fine. I love you and thank you so much for everything.
And he walked away. It left me the last proud representative of the whites.
I have never seen anyone die. Life ends quickly. We do very few things …
This is the conclusion I get when people say they don’t really trust me. A few minutes after dying, the nurse gives me tissue and walks out. I wonder at what point he died. I look at my cell. It is 11:11. 11am and fucking 11. Those who know know. In a combination of hours and minutes in a day, 11:11. The breath took me. 11:11 am is like indescribable consolation. An explosion of joy that filled my heart. Dad came to get him and I got the impression that they were already starting a softball game! Dad couldn’t wait to join his son. Imagining them together gives me relief. Finally.
And today the sun is burning. ☀️☀️☀️
Gerald White, 1933-2021
», Reveals Debbie.

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We offer Debbie, His wife and loved ones, mourn our Praga do During this ordeal!

Two days ago, Debbie 11th anniversary of his father’s death Souvenir is a wonderful suite of photos and with a message full of love and emotions.

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