March 22, 2023

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Monarchy: Anglade brings generous cassette

Monarchy: Anglade brings generous cassette

Monarchy: We can’t Deny that citizens have little mind on these matters.

At the same time, there is never a better time to discuss institutions and the political system.

There are events where we understand that conditions must change!

Now we are there. Another Vice-Regal, Governor-General, did not rise to the occasion: Julie Payet. The latter had to resign due to reports of harassment cases.

Appointed temporary replacement? Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He is therefore a magistrate who can sign a decree or law (what GGs do) to hear a challenge. Contrary to the division of powers …


The viceroys reveal the vices of the Dominion.

An idea lurking in Quebec comes to the fore: to overthrow the monarchy. According to a Leger poll released yesterday by the “clear majority” of Quebeckers, Idea supported: 74%.

It is also progressing among French speakers.

When a journalist asked her if the monarchy needed to be abolished, liberal leader Dominic Angled yesterday brought out a liberal cassette of the last 25 years.

“Changing the organization means reopening the constitutional debate. However, the Quebeckers do not want that.


Fortunately, mTo me At the same time Anglade said she was open to “diverse conversations” on the subject, including “true modernization” which she described as a “very obsolete” system.

Drawing on the terminology of management, the liberal leader said the monarchy needed to think about “reinventing itself and transforming itself”.

All of these are very vague. But we in Quebec have been thinking about it for a long time.

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From this time on, PLQ’s major voters, non-French speakers, will not shut down about changing things.

So what exactly? Let us first state that in order to “modernize” the monarchy in Quebec, a great constitutional mass of the Meech 1987 type was not required.

As Professor Patrick Tylan recently pointed out, according to Article 45 of the 1867 Constitution, Quebec can amend its internal constitution. Why not include a change in the name of the lieutenant governor?

Isn’t that a re-creation? Let’s call him the “Head of State of Quebec”. Or less ambitious: “Administrator”, “Moderator”, “Granter” whisper a lawyer in my ear.

When, in 2022, Lieutenant Governor J. Michelle Doan, mTo me Angled recalls a resolution passed by the National Assembly on November 20, 1996.

It called for the abolition of the post “especially symbolic and inherited from Quebec’s colonial past”. In anticipation of a genuine constitutional repeal, Ottawa directed that the Assembly appoint a “democratically appointed person.”

However, at the time, the Cretan government ignored Daniel Johnson Jr.’s PLQ, and ignored this formal request. He named her Liz Thibault. Wonderful way to restore the image of this function! (Allow irony …) In 2022, mTo me Anglade wants to break with this liberal legacy of the Quebec head of state who was unilaterally appointed by Ottawa. This will be the beginning of “modernization”.