May 28, 2023

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The best gaming tech in 2021

2020 really wasn’t all that: the year that saw the majority of the world come to a standstill is something that we are pleased to put behind us. One thing that didn’t come to a complete halt during that year was gaming tech. As always, technology in the gaming world continued to develop and move forwards. With huge releases in terms of gaming consoles, as well as launches of some pretty impressive graphics cards, 2020 was far from a complete write-off.

Enter 2021, and there is no sign that the world of gaming tech is going to slow down. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or someone looking to enhance their experience when playing exciting slot games, what 2021 already has in store is sure to be welcomed. Let’s have a look at what’ on its way, and what is already standing out as some of the best gaming tech of the year.

Gaming laptops

Until recently, opting to use a laptop for gaming was never really seen as the wisest choice. With the machines weighing more than a ton of bricks, there was certainly no mobility advantages by opting for a laptop over a desktop. Opting for a lower-spec laptop that gave the portability that laptops are all about meant that even fun slot games didn’t perform particularly well.

2021 sees this coming to an end with the next generation of gaming laptops. GPUs from AMD and Nvidia allow laptops to have the power and performance to rival the performance that a gamer would experience on a desktop. The gaming power now offered through these laptops is nothing short of phenomenal.

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A touch of retro

While the gaming world goes wild for the latest developments in technology, and the ability to experience ever-improving gameplay, there is always room for a touch of nostalgia: a time to look back at games of old and find new ways of enjoying them.

2021 sees Arcade1Up allowing gamers to do just that. Providing a true vintage arcade experience, Arcade1Up offers classics such as X-men, Killer Instinct, and Captain America. 3 new releases already lined up for the year means that there is still time for Arcade1Up to bring us more before the year is out.

Gaming monitors

2020 saw the release of the Xbox X series as well as the Playstation 5. Both were eagerly anticipated, and both were sold out in an instant. The demand for these gaming consoles was driven by what on offer in terms of graphics and gameplay. The only downside here was that no one owned a gaming monitor that was capable of showing these consoles off to their true potential.

Enter HDMI 2.1 gaming monitors and that is all set to change. Allowing gamers to play in 4k resolution, these gaming monitors are set to transform the gaming experience. Of course, with such tech, you would expect a hefty price tag, but companies such as Acer are already offering a budget model that is well within the reach of an average gamer. The Acer Nitro XV282K KV is set to be a best seller in 2021 and beyond.

Gaming gum

Not truly an advancement in gaming tech, but something definitely worthy of a mention! For years, gamers have tried their best to fight off the call of sleep. Whether it has been staying up to grab the latest release, lost in a virtual world, or deep in conversation with other gamers online, sleep isn’t always an option!

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XPG Mana gaming gum comes to the assistance of gamers everywhere. With caffeine to keep your energy levels high, the gum also includes lutein to look after your eye health.

2021 is set to be another major year for gaming technology. With so many announcements made so early on, who can tell how the rest of the year will unfold?